Tom Cruise’s Mission Impossible Rogue Nation is Thrilling Junk

Tom Cruise’s Mission Impossible Rogue Nation is Thrilling Junk

Usual insane Hollywood spy thriller. Why, did you expect a great, timeless work of art from the Mission: Impossible series? Oh, puhleeze! Gimme a break! Pushes the Envelope But I gotta give you the big scoop right now – this shit (fifth in the Mission: Impossible franchise) is enjoyable drivel. Right from the get-go, the […]

MI 4 Ghost Protocol – Mindless Boob!

By Naveen Anil Kapoor’s eagerly anticipated Hollywood offering Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol released Thursday night in the U.S. exclusively at  IMAX theaters. Anil’s Hollywood fans could hardly contain their excitement and paraded to the nearest theaters in numbers that make the “Occupy Wall Street” crowd seem like Monday morning gathering at the local Hindu temple. […]

Knight and Day Review – No Cruise Missile, This

We have enjoyed many of Tom Cruise’s films in the past. Movies like Rain Man, Collateral, The Firm, A Few Good Men, Mission Impossible et al have afforded us mucho pleasure. So, notwithstanding the generally poor or tepid reviews we went ahead, albeit with tempered expectations, to Cruise’s new film Knight and Day. Verdict There […]