A Dangerous Method Review – A Triumph of Imagination

I can assure you that in a 100 years our work will still be rejected. Columbus, you know, had no idea what country he’d discovered. Like him, I’m in the dark. All I know is that I’ve set foot on the shore and the country exists. – Viggo Mortensen’s Sigmund Freud describing the then nascent […]

The Road Review – Bleak Charmer

Surely, never has the bleak, woebegone, wretched aftermath of the apocalypse been so spell-binding. The whiners may complain that The Road does not rise to the level of Cormac McCarthy’s Pulitzer Prize winning eponymous novel on which the movie is based (say, which movie ever lives up to the book) but don’t count us among […]

Eastern Promises – Bloody Good Movie

Eastern Promises is the kind of intoxicating underworld movie our Bollywood directors ought to make but just cannot. A bloody violent movie, Eastern Promises is the gritty – and gripping – story of the Russian Mafia in London and a young midwife who accidentally comes in contact with it. One evening a very pregnant 14-year-old […]