Vikram Buddhi Allegedly Threatened Father with Knife; Files Appeal Against Sentence

(For SI blog reader Araj) Purdue University student and IIT alumnus Vikram Subbarao Buddhi, who recently received a 57-month prison sentence for threatening the U.S. President, Vice President, Defense Secretary and their families, allegedly threatened his father Kota Subbarao Buddhi with a knife in the U.S. Vikram’s father Kota Subbarao Buddhi was in the U.S. […]

Great News: Vikram Buddhi gets 57 Months in Slammer

No Avakai pickle or Gongura Pulusu for Telugu bidda Vikram Subbarao Buddhi. It’s gonna be bland American prison food for Vikram Buddhi for some more time. U.S. District Court Judge James Moody today sentenced IIT alumnus and Purdue University student Vikram Subbarao Buddhi to prison for a period of 57 months in the United States […]