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Dec 192008

Our ‘mission unaccomplished’ blithering idiot of a President George W. Bush threw a $17.4 billion lifeline to Detroit automakers lest they give up the ghost on his watch.

To prove yet again that he’s indeed the dodo he’s widely reviled to be, Bush gave the auto industry until March 31 to get its affairs in order.

As if the auto industry that hasn’t been able to get its act together in over 10 years can accomplish a miracle in 102 days.

Read the full details here.

We’ve said it all along. Bailing out sick and incompetent businesses be it Detroit or Wall Street is not Capitalism.

Au contraire, it’s a sickening bailoutism.

Dec 192008

Hello, did we hear anyone say that only Bollywood movies are crappy and that all Hollywood movies are wonderful?

Hey, we are talkin to you. Yes, you.

Answer us, buddy.

Cat got your tongue now?

Well, in that case let’s tell you what we think – Seven Pounds is not a paisa vasool flick.

WTF were Gabriele Muccino (director) and Grant Nieporte (writer) thinking?

Don’t get us wrong. We’ve no complaints on the acting front.

It’s the boring, partly predictable and illogical story that irritated the heck out of us.

The movie also seems disjointed initially (for the first 30 or 40 minutes) and only later do you make sense of some of what seems disjointed at first.


Both Will Smith and Rosario Dawson are competent actors.

While we’re no strangers to Will Smith, Seven Pounds was our first Continue reading »