Will Smith’s Seven Pounds – Do Good, Feel Good Nonsense

Hello, did we hear anyone say that only Bollywood movies are crappy and that all Hollywood movies are wonderful?

Hey, we are talkin to you. Yes, you.

Answer us, buddy.

Cat got your tongue now?

Well, in that case let’s tell you what we think – Seven Pounds is not a paisa vasool flick.

WTF were Gabriele Muccino (director) and Grant Nieporte (writer) thinking?

Don’t get us wrong. We’ve no complaints on the acting front.

It’s the boring, partly predictable and illogical story that irritated the heck out of us.

The movie also seems disjointed initially (for the first 30 or 40 minutes) and only later do you make sense of some of what seems disjointed at first.


Both Will Smith and Rosario Dawson are competent actors.

While we’re no strangers to Will Smith, Seven Pounds was our first exposure to Rosario Dawson, who plays the role of Emily Posa, a young lady with a serious heart ailment.

Man, this woman is good. Either she’s one of those gifted natural actresses or she tries very hard (unlike our Bollywood starlets).

Either way, Rosario Dawson is a pleasure to watch on screen. In not one frame that she features in did we feel let down.

Tired as we are of seeing pretty White women on the screen, it was nice to see someone like Rosario with Hispanic features.

The movie starts interestingly enough with Ben Thomas (Will Smith) making a call to 911 about a suicide.

Who’s the victim, asks the 911 operator.

I am, replies Thomas.

The story is then narrated in flashback as Ben Thomas, your friendly neighborhood IRS tax collector goes around doing the good samaritan act, helping a whole bunch of ‘good people’ with serious problems.

As always, Will Smith is a delight to watch.

We adored him in the Pursuit of Happyness. Heck, we liked him even in I, Robot and Hancock

Alas, the script of Seven Pounds leaves Smith little scope to delight us. The magic just ain’t there.

In any case, the good samaritan act soon begins to wear us down. Even the IRS’ PR folk would cringe at a representative of the agency being projected in such a helpful light.

But once we get to that contrived scene of Will Smith and his friend Dan, we know the denouement and just wait for it so that we can get the hell out of the theatre.

By the way are people with really, really serious heart ailments allowed to have sex?

We don’t think so but director Gabriele Muccino seems to have other ideas on this issue.

2 Responses to "Will Smith’s Seven Pounds – Do Good, Feel Good Nonsense"

  1. crsathish   December 22, 2008 at 3:45 pm

    Please review “Seven Days”

    SearchIndia.com Responds:

    Will do shortly.

  2. boopalanj   August 9, 2009 at 2:21 pm

    Sad that you did not get enough readers those days 😉

    Btw, the actress on the Emily Posa role, came in the movie “Alexander the great”.. [there is a topless scene too]

    SearchIndia.com Responds:

    1. You write: Sad that you did not get enough readers those days

    We had a decent set of readers even those days but the format was not interactive then. Just from us to readers.

    Hence we shifted to the blog format and made it interactive about two years back.

    2. We found Emily Posa attractive.

    Mucho like. 😉

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