Paranormal Activity 2 Review – Still Not a Big Deal

Ardent readers of the esteemed SI blog might recollect that we were not among those who went ooh, aah or wet our undies with Paranormal Activity 1.0. And Paranormal Activity 2.0 didn’t send the juices gushing down our legs either. The audience for the midnight show of Paranormal Activity 2 at a theater in the […]

Critics Butcher John Abraham’s Jhootha Hi Sahi

There you go. Another Friday and another Bollywood movie gets butchered by the critics. So, what’s new. Queen Anne’s dead, folks. Here’s what the critics had to say on the new John Abraham film Jhootha Hi Sahi: DNA A weak, almost spineless screenplay, mediocre storyline, and “ajeeb” chemistry (rather, no chemistry) between lead pair Abraham […]