Incredible India 56 – Indian Cops Expand Duties to Penis Surgery

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Oct 282010

Hey, hey, we’re back again with a new edition of Incredible India, those only in India blood-curdling stories. * It’s no secret that India’s policemen are notoriously corrupt scoundrels, rapists, thieves, encounter specialists a.k.a murderers and big-time crooks. In the past, some Indian policemen were even known to pour acid into the eyes of arrested youths and then poke a needle in the eye to make sure the victims were blinded (remember the Bhagalpur blindings?). But some Indian cops have now taken their sadistic acts to a whole new bizarre level. You see they have gotten into the bobbitizing business. […]

Batman Sequel Coming in 2012

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Oct 282010

Fasten your seat-belts, folks. Your favorite vigilante hero Batman is coming. Again. As in The Dark Knight Rises. Yes, the third installment in the popular Batman series is scheduled to hit the screens July 20, 2012. As with the earlier Batman films, this one too will be directed by Christopher Nolan. Apparently, the movie will not, not be in 3D. Good. We’re not great fans of 3D. Often the gee whiz effects of 3D mask the absence of a solid, gripping story like all those song-dance sequences in our Bollywood and Kollywood movies in Iceland, Peru, Namibia, Switzerland et al […]

Tablet Rush Ain’t No Gold Rush; We Predict Doom

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Oct 282010
Tablet Rush Ain't No Gold Rush; We Predict Doom

Hundreds of millions of dollars seems destined to go down the drain in the great Table rush of 2010 and 2011. It seems every little digital media twit has got his knickers/her panties wet over the Tablet phenomenon. We can’t scour over a publication without reading another gushing, drooling piece on these cool new Tablets. Blame it all on the Apple iPad. Ever since Steve Jobs launched the iPad in late March 2010 and the device gained some traction, there’s been no end to the hype about these consumer electronics devices. With few exceptions like the HP Slate 500, most […]