Incredible India 56 – Indian Cops Expand Duties to Penis Surgery

Hey, hey, we’re back again with a new edition of Incredible India, those only in India blood-curdling stories.

* It’s no secret that India’s policemen are notoriously corrupt scoundrels, rapists, thieves, encounter specialists a.k.a murderers and big-time crooks.

In the past, some Indian policemen were even known to pour acid into the eyes of arrested youths and then poke a needle in the eye to make sure the victims were blinded (remember the Bhagalpur blindings?).

But some Indian cops have now taken their sadistic acts to a whole new bizarre level.

You see they have gotten into the bobbitizing business. A bunch of criminal cops were recently sentenced to jail by India’s Supreme Court for cutting off the penis of an innocent man with a barber’s razor for allegedly having an affair with the wife of a cop’s relative.

The criminals a.k.a policemen were let off by a lower court.

Here’s an excerpt from an Indian newspaper on the incident:

The brutality of the case, in which cops of the Sadar police station in Rajasthan’s Barmer district chopped off the penis of an innocent man for allegedly being in an illicit relationship with the wife of a cop’s relative, angered the Bench comprising Justices Markandey Katju and T S Thakur. Some uniformed personnel are still suffering from a “colonial mindset”, said the judges, seen to be a reference to the cops’ apparent certainty that they could get away with the savagery.

The main accused, constable Kishore Singh, who is said to have used a barber’s razor to chop off the organ of the victim in 1994, got the maximum punishment — five years in jail and a fine of Rs 50,000. ASI Sumer Dan, who had caught hold of the victim was sentenced to three years in jail and asked to pay a fine of Rs 50,000. SHO Sohan Singh, in whose presence the crime happened inside the police station, was sent to jail for six months and fined Rs 10,000. The fine amount would be paid to the victim as compensation, the SC directed.

Source: SC jails cops for bobbitizing man

Folks, the next time you makes eyes at a pretty girl in India make sure she’s not the wife, sister, daughter or friend of a cop’s relative if you want to keep your dick.

* A 17-year school girl in Damoh in the central Indian state of Madhya Pradesh was raped allegedly by an engineering student. When the girl and her father went to the police station to lodge a complaint they were asked to return with a bribe of several hundred Rupees. When the alleged rapist Saurav heard of her attempts to file a police complaint he and his relatives set the hapless girl on fire. Of course, the girl died.

Just another normal day in Incredible India.
Source: NDTV

* The Uttar Pradesh government is putting together a special group of 6,800 employees to maintain and manage memorials of Dalit (the former untouchables) leaders.

Who cares about the people. Let’s worry about the statues and memorials.

Here’s an excerpt from the Times of India:

UP is all set to raise a 6,800-strong exclusive workforce of employees to maintain and manage memorials of dalit icons in Lucknow. To be recruited under the supervision of a high-powered panel, the force will be headed by a manager holding an MBA degree.

The state government issued a notification to this effect on September 25. The recruitments would be done by ‘Management, Security and Maintenance Samiti for Memorials’ with top officials from housing, law and home departments on its board.

Hey, what’s that noise we hear over there.

Ah, must be the sound of the poor victims singing that dirge Mera Bharat Mahaan.

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