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Mar 112011

No, the newly married Gujju boys don’t try to undress their wives as fast as they can (hell, they don’t even try).

Au contraire, the fully-clothed Patels boys, the Mehta lads and the Shahs desperately scratch the dot (bhindi) on their wives’ foreheads to see if they’ve won a motel, a convenience store, liquor store or a Dunkin Donut franchise.

It’s called playing scratch lottery, Gujju ishtyle. ;)

Who needs Powerball or Megamillion when you have the Gujju scratch lotto!

Source: Internut

Mar 112011

It’s 11:20AM EST and the Bangladesh vs England match looks exciting now.

The game could go either way.

Bangladesh is now at 200-8. Need 27 runs to win.

If a wicket falls soon, Bangladesh could be in serious trouble. But if it doesn’t, then the pressure mounts on England. Exciting moment.

Tailenders Shafiul Islam and Mahmudullah are batting.

England batted first and ended with 225-10 after 49.4 overs. Not a great score against a team like Bangladesh.

Final Score:

England – 225-10 (49.4 overs)

Bangladesh – 227-8 (49 overs)


11:49AM EST – What a Fine Victory for Bangladesh.

At one stage, Bangladesh was 169-8 but confident and calm batting by Shafiul Islam and Mahmudullah saved the day. England was not helped by a godawful 23 Wides from their bowlers!

This is Bangladesh’s second ODI victory over England in 15 matches.

These are not good days for England. They’ve been losing to less favored teams like Ireland and Bangladesh. ;)

11:44AM EST – Bangladesh Wins. A boundary from Mahmudulah Bangladesh 227-8.

11:44AM EST – Mahmudulah on strike. 3 Runs needed off 7 balls

11:43AM EST -A single. Bangladesh needs 3 runs to win

11:42AM EST -Tim Bresnan bowling. 10 balls left

11:40AM EST – Leg-bye. 4 Runs for Bangladesh Victory

11:39AM EST – A single. Bangladesh 221-8. Needs 5 Runs to win from 12 balls

11:38AMEST – Bangladesh needs 6 Runs off 14 balls

11:37am est – England staring at defeat. Another fine boundary by Shafiul Islam. 7 to win

11:35AM EST – A single from Mahmudulah Bangladesh 215-8.

11:34AM – Wow! Another Boundary by Shafiul Islam. 12 runs needed from 18 balls

11:32AM – Precious Boundary by Shafiul Islam. 18 Runs needed from 22 balls

11:31AM EST – Bangladesh 204-8. Need 22 Runs from 24 balls

11:30AM EST – Need 23 off 25 balls

11:28AM EST – Another wide. 25 to win

11:27AM EST – A wide.