Quote of the Day – A CNN Commenter

I am going to add flying with an Asian or Middle Eastern carrier to my “bucket list.” – CNN reader Robb1371 Source: The world’s best airline for 2012 is … Like in a lot of other arenas, America’s airlines too have fallen way behind their Asian and Middle Eastern rivals. World’s Top-10 Airlines 1. Qatar […]

Screwed Royally – Two American Patels

For long, I thought these Gujjus were a law abiding people, content to work in Dunkin Donuts, motels and newsstands, make their weekly trips to the Swaminarayan Mandir and excitedly yell Jai Shri Ram upon seeing another Indian. Hell, shows how little I know. Lately, some Patels have been up to all sorts of mischief […]

Best $1 Ice Cream in America – Friendly’s?

Those who knew me best often used to say my Achilles Heel, my greatest weakness in life was to fall headlong for flattery. Wrong! I’m most vulnerable to the creamy temptations of Ice Cream (Indian food is a close second). Before you can say ice cream, I succumb. In a long life, I’ve had countless […]

Great Deal – Free Blockbuster DVD 6-Months

For U.S. Readers Only Blockbuster is offering a great deal – FREE six-months one-DVD rental. Being a cheapo desi, I signed up and ordered The Dark Knight. Like most desis here, I do have Netflix Instant but canceled the DVD option since I was not renting many films. It’s nice to have the DVD option […]