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Jul 292012

Sweet is the smell of failure.

Ajith’s failure. ;)

Folks, here’s some good news that had me opening the bottle early this Friday.

Ajith’s latest trashy movie Billa 2 has been ejected from major theatres in the U.S. after just two weeks.

Pongal and Gin - SearchIndia.comCelebrating Failure – Chocolate-Gin Cocktail with Egg Pongal

Billa 2 is gone from Anil Ambani’s Big Cinemas in New Jersey after just two weeks.

No, Billa 2 is not playing in Virginia, Chicago, Fremont and Connecticut either.

Sweet! :lol:

As far as I can tell, the piece of junk is playing only in San Jose, California.

Hello, is anyone surprised? ;)

Au contraire, Telugu film Eega continues its strong run.

For Eega, it’s the fourth week in the U.S.

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  21 Responses to “Celebration Time – Trashy Billa 2 Pulled from Major U.S. Theatres; Eega Still Strong”

  1. yay! Rarest picture!! SI’s thumb.

  2. Billa 2 – Good riddance!

  3. Surprising….

    I was amazed at Eega’s success in india being no extraoridinary film… Now it’s even more astounding that it has found a favor with the NRI audiences

    • Cheering for the underdog always find favors with audience in reel as well as real life. Even Batman is shown as an underdog in Nolans movies.

      Eega probably benefits from that. Responds:

      The Tamil influx into Amreeka has abated but the Telugu invasion proceeds apace.

  4. Why does your site needs me to login to view comments or read the full post?

    Why not make it public without the hassle? Responds:

    You ask Why?

    Because, as Ronald Reagan rightly said in 1980 in those momentous words:

    I’m paying for this Microphone, Mr.Green.

    But since you were ‘obtuse’ (a word Andy Dufresne immortalized in The Shawshank Redemption) enough to ask me the question in the first place, you’re unlikely to understand my Reaganesque answer. ;)

    And now to appreciate the finest use of the word ‘obtuse’ ever, watch the conversation between Andy Dufresne (Tim Robbins) and the ‘obtuse’ jail warden in the below excerpt from The Shawshank Redemption. For Andy Dufresne, the argument he’s making is a big deal – jail or freedom – but for the ‘obtuse’ jail warden, it don’t amount to a hill of beans :

    Bet everything is still a hassle and obtuse to you, kid.

    You stupid *#%, my purpose in life is not to make life easy for you. If you find reading my blog a hassle, you can get the f*ck out of my site.

    I’m Paying for this Microphone.

    And Ronald Reagan approves this message. ;)


    I’ll end my billet doux to you with Harrison Ford in Air Force OneGet Off My Plane.

    • Resurrection of SI (of older days) ;) Responds:

      I was thinking of you when I brought up Shawshank Redemption in the response to the previous commenter.

      Isn’t that one of your favorite films?

      • Life of Pi – Official Trailer Responds:

        Will definitely watch the movie. I may have seen the theatrical trailer too but can’t say for sure.

        I’ve read the book. A decent work.

      • Yeah, it is.

        When you crowned yourself as the new emperor, you promised a language that is different (when compared with the old SI) towards the audience. ;)

        But hey, I’m not complaining.

        After all, knowledge and notoriety have been the popular symbols of SI ;) Responds:

        You write: you promised a language that is different (when compared with the old SI)

        Well, I’ve turned an old leaf, ahem by abandoning my new promises. ;)

        • Oh you edited the response twice ;)

          Fine, but do not delete my account again ;)


          Good Lord, I have a stalker!

          You should be stalking her it. ;)

        • One really juicy exchange after a long time,.. didn’t realize I missed it.

          Comprende?…. off my plane.. you talking to me?..

          BTW… one old recommendation.. I’m posting on the brahma pin.


          Sweetie, it’s You talkin to me (without the ‘g’).

    • SI’s rant reminded me of Colonel Nathan R. Jessep.

      Thanks for resuscitating the old SI, aylaruya. Responds:

      You call that a Rant?

      That’s an education, son (isn’t that how Col.Jessep addresses Tom Cruise’s character Kaffee in the witness stand)!

      Art, movies, politics, billingsgate, elections….there’s so much in my considered response. Hell, that’s almost a microcosm of America!

    • Whoa! Relax old guy.

      Previously this site asked users to register only when posting a comment and not when reading or viewing posts.

      In one of your comments (not sure where) you mentioned that it is a bug that needs to be fixed.

      This is definitely a hassle because even if I register, wordpress sends a complex password which I cannot change. When I try to edit the profile to change the password, it says “you don’t have permission to access.”. Well, I can tell my browser to save the password. But then I gotto do this in all the devices!

      So before you jump all over me with quotes and movie clips, get your site fixed. Comprende? Responds:

      Oh well, wisdom is wasted on youngsters.

      It’s 5:35PM and my time is better spent on a cold Gin and Orange juice cocktail.

      Sweetie, hassle or no hassle, you got to sign in until I’m sober! ;)

      • You can use the “Lost your Password?” option found under this link:

        This mails you a link where you can reset your password. And, After you reset – you’re taken to profile page which again says – ‘Permission Denied’. But, don’t care.

        Just hit and re-login. You should be OK. I did this few days ago. (Well, faced the same problem like you reading it from – Mobile, Desktop, and iPad.) Responds:

        Thank you, Sweetie.

  5. To thalabilla and other Ajith fans who have been claiming that Billa 2 is a blockbuster / superhit and what not!

    Look at the report from Chennai… the movie is “average” at BO. Responds:

    Aha, welcome news. ;)

    But it’s going to be hard to convince those who refuse to be convinced.

    watching it made me cringe…

    thiruttu Lakabas vijay and vikram together again…. looks like a rehash of memento and bourne series… Responds:

    1. There’s nothing, nothing in the trailer that’d make any sensible person want to watch this movie.

    2. You write: looks like a rehash of memento and bourne series…

    Thiruttu Nais!

    ThirutuLaKaBa Vikram is not fit to give Jason Bourne a Rim Job.

  7. According to sources, thandavam may be a rip off of Daredevil which explored the concept of Human Echolocation… whatever shit that is, vikram’s career is sinking like a titanic… Responds:

    You write: vikram’s career is sinking like a titanic…

    From your lips to God’s ears!

    • Is it your echolocation based on what you heard about the movie or star? Funny that we form an opinion and later if found wrong, go every length to prove like a Null hypothesis? Responds:

      Not sure if you are responding to Logu or SI.

      But Vikram has an established reputation when it comes to profiting from theft.

  8. SI’s response on vikram summons up it…

    A first look at the trailer made me feel its a usual revenge story bordering upon storyline of memento….

    read this, The concept had been explored earlier in Daredevil so wouldn’t be surprised as vikram and vijay are usual suspects… Responds:

    I’ll try to get Daredevil on Thursday & review it by Thur/Fri.

    Update: Just ordered the Daredevil (Ben Affleck, Jennifer Garner, Colin Farrell, 2003) DVD from Netflix.

  9. Hey SI…the pongal looks awesome!!!

    Btw Pass on the recipe for the chocolate gin cocktail pls :) …. Responds:

    Here you go:

    Take 4oz of Crystal Palace Gin ($12.99 for 1.5lt or Gilbey’s Gin ($16 or $17 for 1.5 ltr bottle) at your nearby Patel liquor store), add 10-12oz of ice cold Silk Chocolate Soy Milk (Lactose & Dairy Free) and stir well with five *$&^(*# at Ajith = Nirvana! ;)

    Since I’m a cold-blooded personality, I usually keep the concoction in the freezer for about 10-minutes before sipping slowly with a straw.

    I had one glass in the afternoon. The second one is in the freezer now (I used your comment as an excuse to check out the measurements and make a second cup).

    You can change the Gin-Chocolate Soy Milk ratio depending on how your taste-buds respond.

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