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Aug 222012

I’ve heard the whiners cavil that for SI everything in life is either black or white.

No shades of gray for your favorite blogger.

A movie is either superb or it’s horrible.

A restaurant is awesome or a Satanic hell-hole manned by Stalin’s aides.

A Bollywood star can act (Vidya Balan, Tabu) or she’s the worst actress in the Milky Way (Priyanka Chopra, Trisha).

My readers are either schmucks or brainiacs.

Maybe, the whiners have a point that there’s more to life than ‘Either’ or ‘Or’ and things are better judged on a spectrum-scale.

Or maybe the whiners don’t have a point and I’m right, as usual. ;)

Trailer Inserted and Deleted because it gives away the story. Do Not Watch Trailer.

Footnote – Brilliant

Take it from the rare Indian  (Indian-American) who can recognize class at first glance – Footnote is a gorgeous, awesome, divine masterpiece.

A work of art, no less.

What a shame that Footnote missed the Oscar at the 2012 Academy Award ceremony where it was in the running for Best Foreign Film.

If it were up to yours truly, I’d have given the film a double Oscar!

Alas, the world isn’t run by geniuses (well, humility has never been one of my virtues) but geniasses call all the shots.

I watched Footnote on DVD last night and, man, I’m still on a Himalayan high.

Most movies fall in one of three categories – Romance, Action and Screwball Comedy (the world isn’t too enamored of tragedy).

If at all the movies differ, it’s only in some level of detail.

But Footnote is so different that it’s hard to even pigeonhole the category.

Yes, there’s a bit of comedy but it’s more of the sarcastic, mordant kind than the asinine junk you see in the Adam Sandler drivel.

And the movie itself is so much more than a comedy.

Written and directed by Joseph Cedar, Footnote is about relationships, the basic building block of what makes us (at least, some of us) human. Continue reading »

Aug 222012

Times Square Subway Station Steps ©

These are challenging times in New York City.

After the 9/11 attack on the twin towers and the Pakistani terrorist’s failed car-bomb attack in Times Square, the NYC cops have their hands full in thwarting another attack on the city.

As always, one of the best defenses of any city or nation is an alert citizenry.

The above sign on the steps of the Times Square subway station in midtown Manhattan exhorts commuters to be on the alert for any suspicious activity and report it immediately to the police.

To be precise, the sign is not in the Times Square subway station but in the subterranean pathway leading from the Times Sq-42nd St station to the Port Authority train station on 42nd St and 8th Ave.

Eternal vigilance is not merely the price of liberty but of safety as well.