Apr 052012

Given Akshay Kumar’s unceasing penchant for starring in films that require you to leave your brains at home, we walked into Housefull 2 with high apprehensions and low expectations. Boy, were we surprised. ‘Tis true, Housefull 2 is total bakwas (nonsense) but thankfully of the amusing kind. Directed by Sajid Khan based on a ‘story’ by Sajid Nadiadwala, Housefull 2, set in London, is a wildly over the top affair with bum-chomping crocodiles, dick-biting pythons, parachuting grooms, dacoits-turned-billionaires shooting Prince Charles etc. But the movie manages to eke out lots of laughs. For us, the two biggest delights of the […]

Nov 232011

By God, it’s high time we had a law prohibiting Indians from making movies. We just returned from the opening show of Desi Boyz at a theater on the East Coast and, ah, ah, ah, we’re still reeling in painful shock. Folks, Desi Boyz (Akshay Kumar, John Abraham, Deepika Padukone, Chitrangda Singh) is nothing short of a horror show. Even after filching the basic plot-line from the Hollywood hit The Full Monty, debutant film-maker Rohit Dhawan, the uncreative force behind Desi Boyz, has shown himself utterly incapable of churning out a watchable movie. Au contraire, The Full Monty is a […]

Sep 302011

Force, the Bollywood remake of Tamil film Kaakha Kaakha, has received poor reviews from a gaggle of critics. Are we surprised? Of course, not. Because, Force’s hero John Abraham can’t act. And its heroine Genelia D’Souza can’t even spell the word acting. Here’s what a bunch of reviewers had to say on Force: Rediff: For a genre that works purely on moronic logic and one-note screenplay, Force never had much to accomplish in the first place. But its complete lack of individuality or snap makes it a boring, banal, blah and bleak experience. India Today: A perfectly good action film, […]

Sep 292011

Watch Suriya and Jyothika in the Uyirin Uyire song from the Tamil film Kaakha Kaakha (2003). Sure, the song/picturization is no masterpiece but there’s some life in the song and the scene. Now, watch the two Bollywood stars John Abraham and Genelia make monkeys of themselves (below) in the ‘same’ song Khwabon Khwabon in Force (the Bollywood remake of Kaakha Kaakha), which is releasing on Friday. John Abraham and Genelia look like clowns, escapees from a circus. Hey, is there a Reservation quota for Christians and Parsis in Bollywood? Suriya and Jyothika are way better actors and dancers than the […]

Critics Say John Abraham’s Aashayein is Trash

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Aug 262010

We’ve often wondered if John Abraham’s purpose in life is to just make an ass of himself on screen or to be seen in the company of that weird acting what’s-her-name Basu. John’s new film Aashayein (directed by Nagesh Kukunoor) has drawn the ire of critics and is unlikely to do much for his career. Any one surprised? Here’s a sample of critics on Aashayein: