Critics Say John Abraham’s Aashayein is Trash

We’ve often wondered if John Abraham’s purpose in life is to just make an ass of himself on screen or to be seen in the company of that weird acting what’s-her-name Basu.

John’s new film Aashayein (directed by Nagesh Kukunoor) has drawn the ire of critics and is unlikely to do much for his career.

Any one surprised?

Here’s a sample of critics on Aashayein:


The film is devoid of any script and looks like the director (Kukunoor) had so much footage that he used every bit of it in the asha that some of it will make sense…..

Aashayein, whose release was delayed by almost two years, is so hopeless that you wish it had remained in the cans forever.


Unfortunately, none of this adds up to great, compelling cinema.

India FM:

Aashayein just doesn’t meet the aashayein [hopes] of the viewer…..

Even the hospice here looks more like a small-town resort where people have come for a vacation…. The seriousness is clearly missing!….

But the writing is imprecise and like I pointed out at the outset, the culmination to this story is difficult to decipher.


Nagesh Kukunoor’s “Aashayein” is one of those films that you will forget the minute you leave the theatre – there isn’t much in the film that will keep you gripped from start to end….

For a film that is supposed to tug at your heartstrings, this one barely manages to touch them, and except for a few moments, hardly any of the characters or their stories make an impact on you.


Aashayein is contrived and goes for emotional overkill instead of subtle humour. The film’s pre-climax scene in which Rahul finally agrees to Padma’s last wish is calculated to get those tear-ducts going. But it’s so awkwardly performed and written that it comes off as laughably stupid and defeats its very purpose.

John Abraham’s shoulders may be broad, but he can’t seem to lift this sinking mess of a movie. He struggles through the emotional scenes, never really helped by Kukunoor’s shoddy writing and ham-fisted direction…..

Intended as a heart-felt story, it is in fact a serious test of your patience.

So, all ye desis here, this weekend you can all sit at home or go watch Robert Duvall’s Get Low, Animal Kingdom or The Last Exorcism.

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