Indian Tourism Bozos Launch e-Biz Portal

India’s hopelessly incompetent Tourism Ministry has launched an e-commerce portal on the Incredible India web site.

The aim is to let visitors to the Incredible India web site make online reservations at a variety of hotels and Bed & Breakfast establishments.

India’s Tourism Minister Ambika Soni, a fossil from the Sanjay Gandhi days, wants to add medical tourism to the e-commerce portal.

UK IT firm Eviivo is providing the technology for the e-commerce portal.

Eviivo’s technology is supposed to integrate third party consolidators and multiple partners to enable the Tourism Ministry to provide an open platform for all participants in the tourism industry.,,,,,, and are joining the Tourism Ministry’s initiative as partners though their exact role is not clear.

Hopelessly inefficient, Indian tourism officials have done a pitiful job in attracting tourists to the country.

According to statistics from the World Tourism Organization, India got a piffling 3.91 million international tourists in 2005 compared to 8.47 million international tourists for Croatia, a country most Indians have probably never heard of. In the same year,  India’s communist neighbor China got a whopping 46.81 million tourists.

3 Responses to "Indian Tourism Bozos Launch e-Biz Portal"

  1. ajayrocks   March 6, 2008 at 11:54 am

    I Don’t know why you are against india,i guess even you are an indian but still you keep on writing bad things about india.i am not saying anything to you but still it hurts when anything say something bad anout your country.I would like to tell you that india has been globally ranked as the fourth most derirable tourism spot ahead of your very own usa,france,thailand and many other countries. Responds:

    Are you on Crack Cocaine that you write anything that comes to your mind?

    Yes, Indian tourism officials have done a pathetic job in attracting tourists to the country.

    Who cares whether tourists find India desirable? What is more important is how many tourists actually make it to India. In this respect, India’s record is miserable. Even tiny Croatia gets more visitors. Wake up to the facts.

  2. ajayrocks   March 7, 2008 at 4:53 am

    i am not saying anything to you or the facts .indian officials might have done a pathetic job but u can’t deny the fact that india has a far better variety in tourism better than usa,france,thailand or even crotia and just because indian officials have done anything wrong,you just can’t say anything to india Responds:

    You are right..India does have a rich choice. We have temples, beaches, monuments etc. But what is the use if it is maintained badly. Who said anything against India…but even if we did is India a sacred cow that it is above criticism? It is a disgrace that India gets less tourists than Croatia.

  3. ajayrocks   March 8, 2008 at 12:59 am

    yea,u r right,indian has to do something and some changes are coming.earliear tourism was not promoted.i guess it is because india is quite a big country and it has other problems like povery,population etc

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