Tehelka Screws Gujarat CM Narendra Modi in New Sting

In a six-month-long sting operation, investigative magazine Tehelka.com has royally screwed Gujarat Chief Minister and senior BJP leader Narendra Modi over the 2002 communal riots that led to a wholesale massacre of Muslims in the state.

According to the Tehelka story, Modi blessed the violence that led to mass killing of the Muslims in Gujarat after the Godhra train burning incident in which some Hindus lost their lives.

The sting included interviews with Hindu activists using hidden cameras.

According to the Tehelka transcripts, the Hindu activists boast on tape of having engaged in violence against Muslims with connivance of the police and the state administration.

In the bold expose, Tehelka blames the Gujarat administration headed by Modi as well as the state police for the massacre of many Muslims.

In the introduction to the elaborate sting account of the lage-scale violence against Muslims, Tehelka Editor-in-Chief Tarun Tejpal writes:

Of the many things that are uniquely appalling about Gujarat 2002, three are particularly disturbing. The first that the genocidal killings took place in the heart of urban India in an era of saturation media coverage — television, print, web — and not under the cloak of secrecy in an unreachable place. The second that the men who presided over the carnage were soon after elected to power not despite their crimes but seemingly precisely because of them (making a mockery of the idea of the inevitable morality of the collective). And finally — as TEHELKA’s investigation shows — the fact that there continues to be no trace of remorse, no sign of penitence for the blood-on-the-hands that — if Shakespeare and Dostoyevsky are to be believed — is supposed to haunt men to their very graves.

Responding to the Tehelka sting, the BJP blames it on its rival Congress party and charges Tehelka with acting as the CIA, an abbreviation for Congress Investigating Agency.

For its part, the Congress party lost no time in blasting Modi. Congress party spokeswoman Jayanti Natarajan said:

If the constitution of India is to be upheld, if we still call ourselves as a civilised society, if the right to life has any meaning at all, if human rights are to be upheld, Narendra Modi should immediately step down from public office.

Over the last few years, Tehelka has established a fearless reputation for doing investigative stories targeted at the political establishment using hidden cameras.

6 Responses to "Tehelka Screws Gujarat CM Narendra Modi in New Sting"

  1. dahiyars   October 27, 2007 at 5:09 pm

    Really it was very shocking. but the question is how the congress party react to all this. In Gujrat they are also playing soft Hindutava card. This will not work.

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  3. shuaib68   September 13, 2008 at 6:01 am

    This is the same thing happened in Sri Lanka against the tamils in 1983.

    The Sinhala Buddhists were many of them are chauvinistic. The religious heirarchy always pushed their hidden agenda over a all other issues depriving the minorities of many benefits that are freely enjoyed by them (the sinhala’s).

    From economics to education, the minorities were subjugated to many harassments by the state controlled institutions. The Buddhist religious echelons always had the governments held under their vicious spell like the AIPAC of US. They always brought many laws and regulations and even common projects alienating the minorities.

    Some famous government ministers openly propogated and praticed fascism. The infamous minister Cyril Mathew was a hardcore racist like Modi and Bal Thakray. In 1983 july their dreams became a fulfilment. The pogrom against the Tamils was unleashed by these “State Terrorists”.

    Thousands of innocent tamils lost their lives, all of their livelihoods. Now, as a result of these few b*&^%$#@, the crime they commited in the name of Sinhala and Buddhism is paying a heavy price choking the economy of the entire country for more than a quarter century (25 years).

    Still, the Buddhist racists did not fully realised their mistakes. First it was nationalism (Sinhala Buddhist supremacy) that automatically transformed into a fascism. Now, the country is bankrupt for fighting with a small force “LTTE” these people helped to create as result of their past actions.

    If not for the other foreign countries having pity on the plight of the Sri Lankan state, the country would have been divided long time ago.

    BJP/ RSS / affiliates will not stop until it divides India into several entities.

    Honest governments will definitely nip these terror entities in the bud before it become a monster.

    BJP/RSS is a monster dragging the chained “The State of India” with it’s hijacked Hindu ideolism towards the slaughter house.

    SearchIndia.com Responds:

    We think all Religions are the same – Plain rubbish.

  4. shuaib68   September 13, 2008 at 8:28 am

    Yes they are. Some they hijack like the Islamic groups who has hijacked the some kind ideolism. Like the AIPAC religious ideolism with backing of Torah and the Bible as a pretext.

    Hinduism, Buddhism, Islam, Christianity all preach peace. But, the groups that are having hidden agendas takes the wrong way in presenting thier respective ideas with a religious banner.

    Just to come to power and be in that position for years.

  5. shuaib68   September 13, 2008 at 8:37 am

    Sorry If I offended any Hindu or Buddhist or anybody for that matter. What I was saying is that, Most attrocities are commited in the name of religion everywhere. Although, majority people who belongs these religions are peaceloving.

    Few can cause big troubles.

    I should never venture myself into religious matters. It’s very sensitive and complex.

    SearchIndia.com Responds:

    You are free to comment on all issues including religion.

  6. shuaib68   September 13, 2008 at 8:59 am

    Thank you! SearchIndia.

    It was after reading again what I wrote scared me for offending good people who are following Hinduism and Buddhism. I felt upset for making my statement strong.

    You know, I saw people being killed during 1983. I saw little children being locked in the vehicles with their parents and burnt alive. This is still troubling me.

    The extremists should not be allowed do any harm to the innocents. I was a at 7th grade. Iwas told to go home early by the school on that fateful day. Till I reached home by walk. I saw gruesome acts being commited.

    That’s what still angers me.

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