Billa Pulled from IMC 6; Azhagiya Tamil Magan, Vel Back

Ajith’s Billa, one of the worst Tamil movies in recent memory and a real horror show, has been pulled from Bay Area’s IMC 6 theater in San Jose and Vijay’s Azhagiya Tamil Magan and Surya’s Vel have been brought back.

The Thursday (Dec. 27) shows of Billa were also cancelled at IMC 6, which screens Tamil, Telugu and Hindi movies.

What do you make of all this?

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  1. JM Rahul   December 29, 2007 at 4:39 pm

    Wonderful 😀
    But ATM and Vel don’t deserve it either!

  2. JS   December 30, 2007 at 11:01 am

    This is rather amusing considering Billa was without doubt the most stylish film Tamil cinema has produced. The scenary and style was backed up by good performances from the actors and hence the film is appealing to elite audiences around the world.

    I personally don’t know if the above information is true due to the poor information provided by this website in the past, such as the Billa movie review.

    I have watched ATM which is an average film, Vijay acts very well but sadly the director lets us down with an excuse for a good story. Vel however is more entertaining, the cast throw in good performances. Back to the point – ATM and Vel are not as good as Billa. Those who think otherwise are obviously either un-educated and just enjoy watching knives running through people’s head, vulgur comedy and non-serious stories, or dislike Ajith as a person, which is the worst reason for disliking a film.

    Billa is serious and to the point, just because the un educated among us don’t understand it as well such as the SearchIndia reviewer it doen’t mean its a bad film. This SearchIndia joker as reffered to Ajith as the “Ultimate Korrungu” which means the ultimate monkey. Digusting review! Disgrace to searchindia in my opinion. Responds:

    You write above – just because the un educated among us don’t understand it as well such as the SearchIndia reviewer it doen’t mean its a bad film

    OK, Einstein. When you learn to write a sentence in English without committing multiple errors, you can then comment on our education or lack of it.

    You are right. Billa is not a bad film. It’s a rotten film, a horror show for those who love watching quality Tamil movies.

    You write above in the second sentence: the film is appealing to elite audiences around the world

    Since you so loved Billa, I guess we must consider that you are part of the “elite audiences”. Thank God, we are not part of the “elite audiences” because then we’d be in your category!

  3. JS   December 30, 2007 at 1:12 pm

    I have to say your reviews and comments are of great amusement for neutral readers such myself. I have to congratulate you and for the comedy you inject into every review and comment. Hats off to you!

    I have to say the main point of a blog to to share views not to point one’s grammatical mistakes out.

    Your comments above sums up how runs in general. I guess every viewer would agree with me.

    1) Searchindia can only take one view into account and they stick to it even if they know they’ve got it completely wrong.

    2) Searchindia try to create a mockery of the bloggers on every article, but however this rather ironically backfires on them. Responds:

    1. When you go around calling us un educated (your spelling), what do you expect? That we’ll bend over backward to humor you and kiss your derrière.

    2. You write above: I have to say the main point of a blog to to share views not to point one’s grammatical mistakes out

    You are right. Blogs are for sharing views. But when you go around insulting us on our blog, surely you’re going to see some tough responses from us. If you can’t stand the heat, stay out of the kitchen.

    3. You write above: Searchindia can only take one view into account and they stick to it even if they know they’ve got it completely wrong

    Your above point is beyond silly. We have an open mind proven by the fact that we’ve published your criticism as well as that of several other Ajith fans, however unpalatable we may find them. See the comments below our Billa review.

    Visitors to can read our Billa Review, the comments and our responses to those comments and ultimately draw their own conclusions.

    4. You seem to be part of the online lynch mob that will not accept any criticism of Billa or Ajith’s inability to act.

  4. JS   December 30, 2007 at 3:43 pm

    Fair enough we all have our own views. I’d like to stop this quarrel and just state that I am not an Ajith fan nor a person who would protect all critism of Billa or any other film for that matter.

    I would just like to state that reviews can state on how bad movies are but should not go overboard, eg. calling Namitha a “fat tramp” and calling Ajith the “Ultimate Korangu” Which I accept is funny and fair enough it may be your inner interpretations of them, but those views should be kept within and not be written in reviews in which readers are looking to get a fair view on what the film is like and about.

    By the way your reviews, apart from the fact stated above are enjoyable to read. Thank You Responds:

    JS: Thanks for the compliment in your last paragraph.

  5. rajkumar   December 31, 2007 at 10:05 am

    HI ajit fans and tamil audience do not take this site seriously.I think they are relaxing us by their comedy.It is quite clear that they are “bunch of ajit hatters”.In all reviews they say ajit a bad actor but i dont think so.They dont have reviews for good ajit movies like “vaali” and “mugavari”.They even say some of the worst movies like “thirumalai”a good movie even vijay would laugh.sometimes they say even vijay is better actor than ajit even vijay would laugh for this.

    Thats quite clear in many blogs they have created.In a blog for tamil stars and thier crazy titles they condemned ajit more than anybody else.Of course it seems that they dontknow ajit was credited “ultimate star”only after getting several fansclub and after giving several blockbusters and getting several awardsand aftera decade of service to film industry.It was not credited overnight.

    In a blog created for “billa review”,they went to extent saying that “rajni made a foolish mistake bleesing ajit”.I dont know how they say that even rajni is convinced about ajits mass,charisma and performance.
    they went to extent saying that “ajit is tallentless”. of course all the human being have some tallent definitely.

    In a blog created about billa success,they went to extent saying that “ajit a philips 40wbulb”.I dont know how can say the man of such stature who have a command at the boxoffice and have a second biggest opening after rajni.It is just like saying rajni a “philips40wbulb” comparing with MGR.
    it seems that they said ajit a “philips40wblb”bcz billa collections r less than sivaji.In future if any ajit movie beats sivaji collection.I doubt even they may say rajni a”philips40wbulb”.

    Intially they claimed billa is a flop but after all proved that they r wrong they said we r not concerned with that then why shud they create that blog.they went to extent saying that “only US is a yardstick for tamil movies boxoffice”and no “third party source is available in india”.us have only 5lakhs tamils.india have 8cr tamils.anyway god give them peace in newyear”happy new year” Responds:

    You write above in the first paragraph: They dont have reviews for good ajit movies like …

    That seems like a Freudian slip (inadvertent admission of the truth) on your part that Billa is indeed not a good movie at all.

  6. dilip   January 6, 2008 at 8:26 am

    Hi rekha how are you .

    Happy new year. I think you must be really upset about billa’s “grand, phenomenal and recordbreaking” success.

    Pepole are turned crazy about ajth it is running to packed houses in tamilnadu.Ajit becomes third indian actor to get 10cr after rajni and chiranjeevi. So he is legend on making. For next goutham menon movie he is going to bepaid 10cr.

    BILLA is brought back to bay area see this.It is running four shows not like atm or vel. If you have guts paste this comment lets see. Responds:

    Dilip, Happy New Year to you too.

    You dodo. You have not checked this blog carefully. Billa’s reentry into Bay Area has been featured since January 1, 2008 in the post Billa showtimes

    Now, we also have a separate post on Billa Back in Bay Area. is the most unbiased web site for Tamil, Hindi & English movie reviews as well as information on a variety of other topics.

  7. HandsomeRockus   January 11, 2008 at 11:17 pm

    Oh, Sweet God! I just saw Billa yesterday evening show–despite after having read your review on it, I risked my life to watch it.

    I’m biased towards this Web site, fellas! Whatever they write, I fully support their reviews and always enjoy reading them!

    They are true when they said Rajini’s second worst mistake in his life is blessing Ajith. (His first folly, I don’t know about it–what did rajini do in that airport.) This Billa 2007 is thanking Rajini for his blessing before they start the film. The audience start applauding for seeing their Superstar’s name. Let alone Ajith’s fan! In my opinion, this Billa 2007 drawing more attention by using Rajini’s name and his film’s name–but they have crudely copied Sharukh’s Don 2006. That stupid movie at least had some twists and 1000 times much more entertaining than Billa 2007. One thing in common is: both are set in Malaysia. (In Don 2006, it was fun to watch speaking in Hindi in Malaysia!)

    Billa 2007 is the worst of all Tamil super-hit movies. The scenes are very easily forgettable as soon as you leave the cinema hall. Tons of flaws packed in this 2-hour long movie. For example, in one scene, Ajith leaves his jacket near the pool, Nayantara will remove the catridge off the pistol. Which goddamn fool will leave his pistol in his jacket? How the hell he can walk steadily carrying his 2-pound pistol inside his coat pocket, then what’s the use of the holsters???

    Go ahead, make my day! Responds:
    This blind adulation of Tamil fans for their heroes irrespective of their glaring flaws is an interesting phenomenon. Even when Tamilians move out of Tamil Nadu, they are the same. When we were getting out of Cineplaza (now closed) in North Bergen, NJ after watching Sivaji in June, an ardent young Rajnikanth fan told us that the movie was so good that he had to watch it at least a few more times to understand it completely!

    We agree. Even among bad Tamil movies, Ajith’s Billa stands out as an act of breathtaking inanity.

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