Ailing Motorola Names Sanjay Jha Co-CEO

Struggling communications company Motorola has named Sanjay Jha its co-CEO and CEO of the Mobile Devices business.

The Mobile Devices business has been a complete disaster for Motorola without any big hits after the Razr phone.

Motorola’s Mobile Devices business reported an operating loss of $346 million on sales of $3.33 billion in Q2. Sales were down 22% over the same period in 2007.

The company has no must-have handsets in the market nor have we heard of any in the pipeline.

Sanjay Jha
Co-CEO, Motorola

Sanjay Jha has a hard task ahead of him in salvaging Motorola’s handset business.

Besides the competition from traditional rivals like Nokia, Samsung, LG Electronics and Sony Ericsson, Jha has to contend with the mindshare and marketshare that Apple is gaining with its iPhone 3G. Also, Motorola has nothing like Apple’s App Store that fuels further appetite for the popular iPhone.

If you consider IDC’s recent mobile phone shipment data, Motorola’s Mobile Devices business is in terrible shape.

           Top Five Mobile Phone Vendors – Shipments & Market Share

                 Q208   Market share   Q207   Market share  Growth
                                           (units in millions)

Nokia                 122m      39.9%    100.8m    38%        21%
Samsung          45.7m    14.9%     37.4m      14.1%     22.2%
Motorola         28.1m      9.2%    35.5m     13.4%     -20.8% 
LG Electronics  27.7m    9.1%     19.1m       7.2%       45%
Sony Ericsson  24.4m    8%        24.9m       9.4%      -2%
Source: IDC

The 45-year-old Jha was previously COO of Qualcomm where he was responsible for overseeing Corporate Research and Development and Qualcomm Flarion Technologies. Jha also served as president of Qualcomm CDMA Technologies, the chipset and software division and the world’s largest fabless semiconductor producer for the last five years. 

Before joining Qualcomm in 1994, Jha held design engineering roles with Brooktree Corporation, San Diego and GEC Hirst Research Labs, London.

Jha holds a Ph.D. in electronic and electrical engineering from the University of Strathclyde, Scotland.

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