iPhone App Store a Big Hit: 60m Downloads

60 million downloads.

Yes, iPhone users have downloaded a whopping 60 million software programs in the 30 days or so since Apple’s App Store and the new 3G phone was launched, according to the Wall Street Journal (subscription required).

Apple said it’d sold $30 million in apps from the store in one month, giving it average sales of $1 million a day. Apple keeps 30% of the revenues to cover its credit card transaction and other costs and gives developers the rest.

iPhone (and iPod touch) users can download applications from the App Store wirelessly in a range of categories including music, games, sports, news, productivity, reference and travel.

As of Monday, August 11, the App Store had 1,617 applications in 19 categories.

App Store iPhone Applications
Source: Table compiled by SearchIndia.com

While a lot of applications on App Store are free, there are plenty of paid apps as well. Most of the paid applications on the App Store are said to cost less than $10.

But there are few Indian applications, paid or free, on the App Store.

India News (99 cents), the one application we found on App Store, is a piece of junk not worth looking at.

On AOL Radio (a free download on the App Store), there are two stations: Bollywood Classic Hits and Bollywood & Beyond that mostly play songs from Hindi movies.

As we were writing this story, the song Bachna ae haseeno was playing from the upcoming film of the same name featuring Ranbhir Kapoor and that non-actress Deepika Padukone on Bollywood & Beyond.

The iPhone is officially coming to India on August 22.

Bharti Airtel will roll out the iPhone on August 22 followed by Vodafone later.

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