1.48 Lakh Indian Villages to get Broadband Internet

Indian telecom operator BSNL is promising to provide broadband Internet access in 1.48 lakh villages in the next six months.

Currently, broadband coverage is said to exist in 30,000 villages (we doubt that given the poor broadband quality even in big cities).

BSNL also plans to expand its broadband coverage to more cities – from 3,261 cities to 5,000 cities by March.

Wireless Connectivity
The government plans to initially connect 5,000 Blocks (a geographical entity below a District) by wireless broadband after the allocation of the wireless spectrum. The plan is for villages coming within a radius of 10 Kms. of the Block headquarter to be covered by such connectivity. BSNL is expected to play a key role in providing wireless broadband access.

To boost rural wire line and wireless broadband services, the Indian government recently decided to waive off the license fees for rural wire line.

Broad Scenario Pathetic
India’s overall broadband coverage is pathetic with the country having a mere 4.4 million broadband subscribers (and much of it of poor quality).

Broadband subscribers in India currently access the Internet mostly via DSL or cable.

Broadband Subscribers in India

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