Movie Critics Screw Ajith’s Aegan

Ajith’s Shame – Hey, Even Genelia’s Better than Him

Several movie critics have shown the middle finger to Ajith’s latest crap show Aegan.

Not surprising since Aegan represents one of the low points of the Tamil movie industry.

Here are some excerpts from various reviews of Aegan:


With that saggy little plot and actors who try to flaunt their acting skills with whatever little they can, Aegan proves to be a mind-numbing fare….

….If the movie made you feel like you were watching Raju Sundaram’s goofed-up performance in the movie Jeans, it’s not entirely your fault. He is after all the director and has influenced the entire cast’s dialogue delivery and body language reducing them to laughing-stocks.

And if that’s not enough, the end credit states ‘Aegan’s mission continues’. Now, we only wish Raju is not planning for a sequel or some such thing.

Ultimately, Aegan is a vile act of artistic felony that exposes the dark underbelly of rot and glaring incompetence in the Tamil film industry.

An ugly monsterpiece that should never have seen the light of day, Aegan is the most fatuous piece of crap to emerge out of Kollywood in the 21st century.


The trouble with the film is that it looks like an amateurish attempt by debutant director Raju Sundaram especially the lead towards the climax which is a colossal embarrassment.


Raju Sundaram has sacrificed the human drama, emotions and mild hilarity that made Main Hoo Naa so watchable– trying, instead, to play up to Ajith’s hero-status.

While found nothing worthwhile in Aegan and described it as Ultimate Kuppa, some of the other reviewers above had a nice thing or two to say about the movie.

7 Responses to "Movie Critics Screw Ajith’s Aegan"

  1. bimmer   October 28, 2008 at 2:35 pm

    Please post the Full review posted from the Sites…and not just the one u wanna see…

    U’r Ultimate Carbage comments again would mean nothing…

    Source: Cinesnacks

    On the whole, ‘Aegan’ is a commercial entertainer for all the masses. Walk into theatres without any expectations of Billa and you will enjoy it.

    Verdict: Enjoyable at many parts. Can watch it…

    Source Galatta

    First Word:

    Most moviegoers worldwide want to be entertained when they step into a theatre. So do our Tamil audiences. If a movie fails to entertain and delight them, it rarely has a ‘hit’ tag attached. Here comes a movie which purely entertains – especially the fans…!

    Source Rediff

    Yuvan Shankar Raja strikes the right chords with his music. The cinematography (credits shared by quite a few) is breathtaking.Overall ‘Aegan’ is an adequate remake of a hit. Ajith is certainly on to a winner since he hardly has any competition during this Diwali

    Source Kollywoodtoday

    The very tagline that we have posted ‘Stunning Stroke by Ajith Kumar’ is really a true factor when it comes to ‘Aegan’. Smart work by Ultimate Star and he keeps up the laurels won with ‘Billa’. So what about Raju Sundaram? Does he commence his directorial venture with an impressive approach or has he at least remade ‘Main Hoon Naa’ perfectly? Enter the theatres with same expectations with few getting disappointed while rest singing appraisals for him. Responds:

    1. You write above: Please post the Full review posted from the Sites…and not just the one u wanna see

    We clearly stated that we are posting excerpts from various reviews.

    And the excerpts we provided tell the story.

    2. The excerpt you provide from Rediff is actually from buzz18.

    The Kollywood Today review you cite above also says: But Raju Sundaram isn’t as well-doing as his elder brother Prabhu Deva as a director. Lack of pace in screenplay and fallible parts of technical aspects makes the film not exceeding our expectations.

    3. Next time, check your facts and run a spell-check before posting your comments…Mandu, it’s not carbage (as you have written)

  2. bimmer   October 28, 2008 at 4:13 pm

    I can Prove the facts that the movie is Good…

    and yes u r really a Mandu Responds:

    Are we gonna believe our eyes and ears or your baloney.

  3. sanewar   October 29, 2008 at 9:39 am

    no critic never justifies his verdict with excerpts from other critics. i dont know why you guys are doing such a thing, when you have done your job in reviewing the film. you dont really have to care about what others say. this kind of things makes you look like a cry baby or is this just another trick from your bag of tricks to increase the hits. Responds:

    1. You write above: is this just another trick from your bag of tricks

    By golly, we are tricksters…we have a bag of tricks.

    What else?

    Oh, you forgot to mention that little bit abour our recent release from prison after serving 35 years for multiple homicides with an ax. 🙂

    2. The reason we provide excerpts from other critics (we do this mostly for high profile movies) is to provide readers a different perspective of how others view the same movie.

    This technique is not as unusual as you seem to think. Other blogs/reviewers do it as well.

  4. ★TRΞY☆   October 29, 2008 at 10:30 am

    I like the excerpts.., rotten tomatoes,

    for hindi movies which I found through SI.

    But the other sites, unlike SI, give us a number.. that I like.

    There is no such site for tamil movies, is there? Responds:

    None that we can think of.

  5. mallukuttan   October 30, 2008 at 3:50 am


    Please stop talking in favor of Billa korangu.. Some think Varalaru is good.. Some think Billa is superb.. These all are ultimate trash by your superstar..

    @ SI

    Bimmer seems to be another stupid fella talking for ajith.. Please ignore him 😀 He’s simply wasting your time..

    Kollywood industry had some period movies.. That was back in 80’s and 90’s..

    SI guys, are you giving Madhur bhandarkar’s Fashion a try? Golmaal is another trash i warn you.. Watch at your own risk 🙂 Responds:

    We’ll most likely be watching Fashion but skipping Gol Maal Returns.

    Ajay Devgan, Tusshar Kapoor, Kareena Kapoor et al have tormented us enough. We saw the Gol Maal Returns trailer….seemed like a harbinger of total garbage.

  6. samneo   October 31, 2008 at 4:23 am

    Hello ppl,

    I don consider myself mature enough to write about others skill but am sure good enough to write wat i saw.

    Last Wednesday(29/10, Matinee) i happened to watch aegan Sathyam cinemas. I had an awesome time at the theater. I feel that after all i didn waste my money. You too need to treat your head with something like this once a while. TR is out of business now a days i suppose.. so grab chances like these.

    Show you how
    1. I called up Sathyam that morning to check about the ticket status – I expected it to be housefull. lucky me i thought then, they said about 200 tickets are left including balcony seats.

    2. When to the theater about 12.30 for the 12.45 show. they still had tickets but balcony was full. but there were a couple of dudes standing there with a confused look. The came upto me and said they had booked the tickets(bookin was open even before the release) now they wanted to skip the show, God know wat they had to do, so i took their tickets for the price mentioned in it(it seemed i could have bargained for lesser).

    3. Remember when i went to the counter at 12.30 they said the balcony was full, thats why i took the tickets from those guys. to my surprise the row in which i was sittin was totaly empty expect for about 5 of us. At interval i saw about atleast 20% sets empty in the balcony. The floor below the balcony was as bad as it.

    4. a Couple of guys came after an hour after the start of the movie. i over heard their converstion accidentally as the movie was “too engaging”. they were sayin they had to while away an hour so they came here(wondered whether i was too kind not to bargain for the tickets.)

    5. From the very begining of the movie i wasn able to help myself stop laughing, for all the gimmicks and the funny stuff they were doin in the name of acting – fighting – Dancing. tears rolling down my cheeks. It was awesomely funny. trust me. I was NOT ABLE to CONTROL my laughter.

    6. My most favourite scene was Tala ajith “kudu kudu nu fight scene kulla odurathu undi-yaru-rathu.” Awesome funny. Special task force commander with a Thopai and he accepts it.. come on. you need to give something to the script thala.

    7. Now i checked for booking for the weekend… completely available, totally weird for sathyam cinemas.

    8. I came out of the show wondering wat had gone into him. never thought of making fun of ajith in this angle but this time had a serious doubt- ‘ has ajith started thinkin like our beloved TR or Captain.’ and the beard seemed to be a testimony for that.

    Note: minus my opinion from this comment, the facts are true and exactly wat i saw and heard at the theater.

    and usualy matinee tickets in sathyam all through the week are difficult to get half an hour before the show.

    Sam – Enjoy… Responds:

    Some folks like Bimmer (and maybe even us) thought since Aegan would have an unfettered run till VA releases, it might do well. Looks like this may not be happening.

    Perhaps, the audience prefers to sit at home rather than waste money on a piece of crap. Sometimes in life nothing is better than something.

  7. bimmer   October 31, 2008 at 10:10 am


    As much of a right to have your review, I think I do have the Right to post my thought.

    So Kuttan please forgive yourself for making the comment on ignoring me..

    Everybody knows that Varalaru and Billa were good movies. “Kaluthaikku theriyuma Karpura vasanai”
    BTW This is what happens if u watch Shakila movies Responds:

    We don’t ignore anyone here.

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