If Commonsense Prevails, Obama Will Crush McCain

Unless the American people are complete idiots, we’re going to see a landslide victory for Barack Obama on November 4.

No, we do not believe Americans are all blithering idiots (because then we’d be labelling ouselves as dolts).

Having watched the debates, the campaigns, the talking heads on television and seen the opinion polls, we are now predicting that Obama will win more than 350 electoral college votes (270 is enough to win the White House) out of the total 538 electoral votes.

John McCain’s message, and by default the Republican Party’s, of more tax breaks for the fat-cats and relentless efforts to smear Obama as a socialist out to redistribute wealth are not resonating well with voters – not even in the ‘Red’ states like Virginia, which last voted for a Democratic candidate in 1964 (when the parents of most readers of this blog were not even married) and will most likely do so again on Tuesday.

McCain is also unlikely to win Ohio, Colorado, New Mexico, Nevada and Florida, all states that Bush carried in 2004.

Obama’s overarching promise of Change and his positions on key issues like taxes (rolling back the Bush tax cuts for the fat cats), outsourcing (he has promised to stop giving tax breaks to corporations that ship jobs overseas and start giving them to companies that create good jobs in America), the Iraq war (opposed to it and promises to end the war), Wall Street (favors more regulation), foreign policy (promises a retreat from the arrogant Bush-Cheney my way or the highway attitude) and health care (promises to provide affordable healthcare to all Americans) are striking a chord with Americans of all colors – Black, White and Brown. 

We do not expect Obama’s victory will usher in miracles because things have gotten so bad here due to years of Republican misadministration, the idiots in the Democratic party and the corrupting influence of corporate lobbyists on both parties.

But an Obama win will at least restore some legitimacy to the U.S. administration, which has turned into a plutocracy in all but name.

2 Responses to "If Commonsense Prevails, Obama Will Crush McCain"

  1. the gora   November 3, 2008 at 2:52 am

    As much as everyone thinks Obama will be a shining light and will change change change things, it’s all talk to me. Gordon Brown was a hero after he took over from Tony Blair as Prime Minister in the UK, especially when he got the public excited by telling them he “would not be joined at the hip with Bush” like Blair was. Kevin Rudd also ran a successful campaign in Australia to unseat John Howard, with one of his biggest platforms being that he wouldn’t follow Bush around like Howard did. But within six months both these men saw their approval ratings plummet once people realized that they really brought nothing to the table, other than promising not to be so tightly aligned with America. Campaigning on the promise that, “I’m not Bush and I won’t follow him either” might get Obama elected, but I’m banking on him falling on his face if he gets into office and a severe backlash by the end of 2009.

    SearchIndia.com Responds:

    You write: As much as everyone thinks Obama will be a shining light and will change change change things, it’s all talk to me

    We don’t expect miracles either but anything – even a govt run by quadrupeds (four-legged creatures) – is better than the current dirty administration in which the major beneficiaries are the Military Industrial Complex (Do you Remember Ike’s warning?), major corporations and the Right-wing whackos.

  2. shuaib68   November 3, 2008 at 1:20 pm

    Hey SI and all you guys who are US citizens, Good luck to you on election of your president.

    I hope the US people will do a proper job this time round by electing the right person for the craziest position on the face the earth.

    IN THEM (Voter), WE TRUST!

    SearchIndia.com Responds:

    We’ll do our best to send Obama to the White House in the belief that he’s the lesser evil.

    Less than 24 hrs left….If Obama wins (as we think he will), we will be witness to history in the making.

    Blacks, or African-Americans to use a politically correct term, still suffer a lot of discrimination in this country despite the abolition of slavery 145 years ago.

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