Critics Screw Yuvvraaj

Salman Khan’s latest crap show Yuvvraaj has deservedly received much scorn from movie critics.

One of the ugliest films to emerge out of Bollywood in recent days, Yuvvraaj is a poor excuse for entertainment.

Here are excerpts from some of the Yuvvraaj reviews:


Yuvvraaj uses scale and grandeur to compensate for the fractured script, but as Ghai’s own films — Kisna and Yaadein will tell you — no amount of ambition and passion can hide poor writing. The characters are all underdeveloped – from the protagonists who have no layers, no edge whatsoever, to the supporting players who are all silly caricatures.

The dialogue is a mix of clunky lines that make you cringe in embarrassment, and a bunch of unintentionally hilarious gems that will make you laugh every time you think of the film.

The Economic Times:

Drona and Love Story 2050 have competition in vying for the position of the most disappointing films of 2008. Yuvvraaj is a potential contender. It’s not just a bad film but a boring film. And a boring film can be much more taxing than a bad one.

It no more surprises that Ghai could make such a shoddy film, especially after he has reinstated our despair through duds like Yaadien and Kisna.


It’s sad and somewhat embarrassing to watch Ghai try valiantly to sculpt a magnificent innings — and miss his target rather spectacularly. The man is batting the only way he knows how, sticking to his basic formula of melodrama and emotional overdose, but times, Mr Showman, have changed. Your game needs to be severely adapted, because currently, it’s very outdated. Even hardcore masala now needs to be served up instantly, sizzling hot; there’s no time for dot balls.

Yuvvraaj is an ugly, pitiful Bollywood copy of Rain Man that offers nothing but dollops of misery to unsuspecting moviegoers.

Dustin Hoffman and, to a lesser extent, Tom Cruise were a joy to behold in Rain Man, a stunning visual treat for moviegoers.

Compared to the Hoffman-Cruise duo, Salman Khan, Anil Kapoor and Zayed Khan are pathetic impostors, shameless caricatures of actors.

And completely oblivious to our misery, the Khan-Kapoor-Khan troika under the aegis of mis-director Subhash Ghai unleash a lengthy torture drama on the screen that has few parallels in Bollywood or elsewhere.

A peine forte et dure, this obscenely bad movie sucked the breath out of us.


The writing is archaic and simplistic with unintentionally funny dialogue.

The lead characters have little flesh on them but the minor ones are positively cartoonish. There is a wicked mamaji and my personal favorite, a sultry sister-in-law who speaks only in shudh Hindi but wears plunging necklines and makes moves on Deven.


Producer-Writer-Director Subhash Ghai is out of sorts in this venture. The so-called plotting and planning by the brothers, to snatch wealth from each other’s hands is a laugh.

It’s a really simplistic interpretation of a family feud; something you could see in a school play. The theatrics go unbearably overboard in scenes where a character who’s about to die from poisoning, goes on stage to perform, while another character joins in the performance impromptu, amidst some heavy-duty lightening effects.

While found little noteworthy in Yuvvraaj and described it as a Shitty Copy of Rain Man, some of the other reviewers above may have had a nice thing or two to say about the movie.

6 Responses to "Critics Screw Yuvvraaj"

  1. beni   November 22, 2008 at 9:06 pm

    big surprise.

    The best is yet to come though – Shahrukh’s playing an autistic adult in Karan Johar’s next. Responds:

    You write above: The best is yet to come though

    Best? Let’s wait before we pronounce judgment.

  2. SRINIVAS   November 23, 2008 at 11:32 am

    I think the next is Rab ne bana di Jodi –

  3. beni   November 23, 2008 at 10:10 pm

    i was being sarcastic!

    can u imagine what a Karan Johar movie on autism would be like? Responds:

    We’ve seen all of Karan Johar movies (KANK. K3G, Kuch Kuch Hota Hai)…was not impressed by any of them.

    The fella should not be allowed near a camera lest he inflict more torture.

  4. dantheman   November 25, 2008 at 12:14 am

    Subash Ghai is finished. it is time for him to retire from films and go take care of his [Deleted] whistiling wood acting studio. first of all if he has an acting university then why did he cast non actors like salman, katrina, and zayed in the film. why not actors from his so called acting university. katrina got only this far because of salman khan. [Deleted]. for somebody that looks hot but can’t act she did pretty good. he in return got her movie roles. he got her welcome and singh is king because he is good friends with anee basmee who made no entry with him. she got hum ko deewana kar gaye because of the director raj kunwar who directed salman in har dil jo pyar karega and jeet. she got apne because salman is going anil sharm’s next veer. she got “race” because salman did abbas mastan’s chori chori chupke chupke. she got namaste london because salman is doing vipul’s next london dreams. she got welcome and maine pyar kyon kiya because salman khan is buddies with david dhawan. the list goes on. obviously we know how she got yuvraaj over so many talented actresses out there. i have seen her movies and the only film she so of acted was namaste london. all her other roles did not require her to do anything. anybody could have done that. it she never declares him as her boyfriend in public. she is basically using him for her so called career and he is in return so people don’t [Deleted] she knows that she is not going to marry him. seriously a non actress like her that has a hard time speaking hindi even at interviews and public is an actress???? and that zayed khan. please. he is in the ranks of the so called non actors of the star kids of the industry (fardeen, esha, the arora sisters, sohail and arbaaz khan). this film deserves to flop. subhash ghai took us for granted back in the 90’s. his last decent film was khalnayak. after that he made stupid films from pardes (NRI Bashing Film), Taal (Same old rich boy poor girl Crap), Yaadein (Endorsing every product out there film), Kisna (Lagaan, Titanic Wannabe), Black and White (Dil Se Redux).

    I really hope this is Subhash’s last film or get your act together. Where the heck is the guy that made Hero, Karz, Meri Jung, Karma, Vishwanath???

  5. mallukuttan   November 26, 2008 at 3:18 pm

    Zoom TV said that the movie was just a piece of trash 😛

    So that’s it.. 😀

  6. kkhanna2020   December 1, 2008 at 6:44 am

    common guys, its a nice film! salman and katrina share a great onscreen chemistry…anil did a great job….rahman’s music is cool….what else you need yaar Responds:

    Idiot, you said the same thing four days back.

    Say something new.

    In any case, nothing can save this trashy movie.

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