Aren’t These Things Supposed to be Secret?

This is weird.

A Dutch technology company IAI (subsidiary of DOCDATA N.V. in Waalwijk, the Netherlands) is tooting its horn that it’s the supplier of security equipment to the India Security Press in Nashik.

Now, all the forgers and whackos in the world know what security technology the India Security Press is using for its products.

Surely, the management at India Security Press in Nashik must be a bunch of idiots for allowing their suppliers to disclose to the whole world the security technology they are providing to the Security Press.

IAI will supply two SheetMaster Flex systems to India Security Press, which produces Passports, Visa stickers, Government of India checks, Armed Forces ID cards, Postal Stationery, Stamps and Saving Certificates.

IAI claims its SheetMaster Flex systems will be be used to enhance the security of certain products of India Security Press by applying laser perforated security features.

One Response to "Aren’t These Things Supposed to be Secret?"

  1. terraferrous   November 24, 2008 at 8:49 pm

    dude…there is a whale lot of difference between announcing your customers and announcing your strategy. The security equipment, if leaked, would lead to immediate bankruptcy of IAI and hence, they would keep this a deep guarded secret.
    A disclosure of such a big customer (GOI) will improve its share price…that is the reason for this press release.
    Nothing to worry about, in my opinion. Responds:

    1. Yes, yes. We are aware that announcements like this are intended to bolster IAI parent company’s share price.

    2. But if we were GOI and our press was printing Passports/Visa stickers, Army ID Cards, Checks, Securities, Stamps and other financial equivalents, we would not have let the world know what security equipment/technology we’re using. Now everyone (including Pakistan & China…not to mention the community of Forgers R’ Us) know that Nashik Security Press is using IAI’s SheetMaster Flex systems to enhance security by applying laser perforated security features.

    There’s no such thing as being too paranoid when dealing with security matters. That was the point we were trying to make.

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