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The Sri Lankan situation is once again causing needless tensions in Tamil Nadu with every Vijay, Ajith, Rajini and podi paya trying to outdo the other in proving his support for the Tamils across the Palk Strait.

Chennai newspaper The Hindu has an interesting interview with Sri Lanka’s Social Welfare Minister Douglas Devananda on the current situation in the island nation.

Devananda argues there’s currently no genocide in the country and dismisses such reports in Tamil Nadu as LTTE propaganda.

Here’s an excerpt from the interview:

Prabakaran’s real problem is that he cannot survive in a democratic environment. He needs a piece of dreamland called Eelam that he can rule as a dictator. The truth is that after the Indo-Sri Lanka agreement, every leader in office has attempted to solve this issue. What was the approach of the LTTE to these efforts? It walked out of talks every single time on some excuse or the other. Three decades of war and destruction have brought nothing but misery to the people of Sri Lanka in general and Tamils in particular. We have to put an end to the politics of militancy and move towards a negotiated political settlement. The LTTE is part of the problem and not a solution and hence dealt with squarely.

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  1. shuaib68   November 26, 2008 at 1:08 am

    Prabhakaran has reached 54 (age) today. The following article discusses about it.


    SearchIndia.com Responds:

    1. In The Reformation, Volume 6, p.662 of of his multi-volume delight The Story of Civilization, Will Durant writes of Ivan the Terrible:

    He was one of the many men of his time of whom it might be said that it would have been better for their country and humanity if they had never been born.

    We think what Durant said of Ivan the Terrible is more apposite in the case of Prabhakaran the Monster, who thinks nothing of recruiting children as soldiers or sending out suicide bombers from his rat-hole.

    2. BTW, the opinion piece in the Daily Mirror (from the link you provide above) says:

    If Prabhakaran is killed , this sentiment can turn explosive and a ‘catastrophic storm’ is more likely to result rather than it dying down. Though in SL, the Tamil liberation struggle may get controlled, in Tamil Nadu it will rage on like an uncontrollable wild fire.

    In that event, the dead Prabhakaran can prove more lethal to New Delhi than the living Prabhakaran.

    We do not agree with that conclusion.

    The planet has survived the deaths of so many saints (Jesus, Mahatma Gandhi, Buddha, Baba Amte, Mother Teresa et al).

    You think the death of just one evil rat will make a difference. For five days, the Vijays, Ajiths, Suryas, Rajinis and other podi pasanga will stage their unnavrathum dramas in Tamil Nadu. After that, life will go on. Rajini will perhaps look for some 18-year-old girl to star opposite in his next movie (BTW how old was Shriya Saran when Sivaji was made?), Ajith will demonstate another korangu dance in his next ultimate supershit movie, illada-thalapathi Vijay will unleash Kuruvi 2, Surya will repeat his antics in some Veeranam Dump, Nayanthara’s mini-skirts will continue to go up in her movies, Kalaignar’s body will continue to deteriorate even as his mind continues to remain sharp, Idli and Sambhar will continue to remain the favorite breakfast in Ayanavaram. As we said above, life will go on as usual in Tamil Nadu. Nothing to worry.

  2. Young General   November 26, 2008 at 11:03 pm

    haha….thats a bit harsh…you basically bashed kollywood there. What i find interesting though is how it started from ltte and ended up as ajith being a korangu,hahaha comical really.

    But coming to the point being a srilankan tamil myself even i know that prabahkaran needs to go …. now, 3 decades and nothing, democracy was and is always the best way although the singhalese have to play their part and this has spiralled out of control. what started as a fight for university rights is now being fought for ???!?!?!?!(no idea)…land? what land they destroyed everything, people…they ruined everyones lives …no purpose.

    But the protests arent backing the tigers …i think there just trying to put it out there that there are innocent dying, i honestly dont see your view on how there backing prabhakaran…..And i agree with most your coments about our actors but i think vijay might actually step up in his next movie, although the presence of nayanthara is a little nerve wrecking..

    SearchIndia.com Responds:

    1. You write above: What i find interesting though is how it started from ltte and ended up as ajith being a korangu,hahaha comical really.

    Actually, it’s not that comical because our Kollywood stars are at the forefront of the protests and those silly unnavratham (hunger strike) dramas in Tamil Nadu on the Sri Lankan Tamil issue.

    2. In these perilous times, the only sensible course is live and let live.

  3. shuaib68   November 26, 2008 at 11:47 pm

    As rightly said by SI:
    “The planet has survived the deaths of so many saints (Jesus, Mahatma Gandhi, Buddha, Baba Amte, Mother Teresa et al)”

    I agree to their explanation and would like to provide some more information as to why we tend to give wrong predictions most of the time and how fail

    The following is an excerpt from an article that appeared in “Newsweek” under the title:
    “Election Expectations” in the aftermath of Obama’s victory

    Why I try to provide a glimpse of this article is that we humans always fail in predictions. This applies to the many events including the Prabhakaran’s future that is being discussed in the article I mentioned in the above post. I think this will help us more to understand certain defects in the minds of humans.

    Part of the article reads:
    “Psychologists are very interested in how the mind processes events like this historic election, and how it turns them into hope and expectation—or regret and disappointment. How powerfully do our experiences today shape our emotions of tomorrow? In short, what predicts future happiness?

    Researchers call this emotional forecasting. Humans are arguably the only animals capable of imagining what doesn’t already exist, conjuring up future scenarios. That’s a trait of our highly evolved brains, but evolution apparently stopped short—because we’re not all that talented at predicting our own state of mind. Indeed, study after study has shown that we’re usually way off the mark with our predictions. We believe that winning the lottery will make us blissful, and it rarely does. We think being jilted will devastate us, yet we almost always bounce back.

    Why are we so bad at this? A growing cadre of psychologists—Dan Gilbert of Harvard, Timothy Wilson of Virginia, and others—have been exploring the cognitive machinery of emotional forecasting—and its failures. Their studies point to a few possible reasons for our failures of imagination.”

  4. SRINIVAS   November 27, 2008 at 6:56 am

    i have a doubt here – Is it Kollywood or LTTE that bothers you more ?

    SearchIndia.com Responds:

    Isn’t it odd that they are slowly starting to come together…at some future date, it will be hard to distinguish between the two.

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