Shivraj Patil Out; Fire P.C.Haldar & Madhukar Gupta Too

Following the recent terrorist attacks in Mumbai, the decrepit dodo Shivraj Patil has quit as India’s Home Minister.

Finance Minister P.Chidambaram has replaced him (Prime Minister Manmohan Singh is holding the finance portfolio too).

Two top bureaucrats need to be shown the door too – Intelligence Bureau Chief P.C.Haldar of the Indian Police Service and Home Secretary Madhukar Gupta of the Indian Administrative Service.

One Response to "Shivraj Patil Out; Fire P.C.Haldar & Madhukar Gupta Too"

  1. SRINIVAS   December 1, 2008 at 1:25 am

    PC has been in the Home Ministry during Rajiv Gandhi’s Tenure …Minister for Internal Security …did well .. during the height of Khalisthan Movement ….Major Highlight was Operation Black Thunder ..flushing out militants from the Akal Takth ….with Zero Casualties …

    Nevertheless …the problem with the current govt is Inability / Capability and above all RELUCTANCE to act .

    Decisions are taken by the CABINET …Now this is not going to change …since there are only six months left for elections ….

    SO PC WILL ALSO FAIL …there is nothing he can do unilaterally …

    Also Appointing PC shows that the GOVT does not have enough people to do the job … There is Manmohan , PC and Kamal Nath ……Rest all are incapable ….total lack of capable leaders to do any job ….

    I guess finance will eventually go to Montek Singh Ahuwalia ..

    The Govt fired a lot of People ..but did not accept National Security Advisor – M K NArayanan’s resignation …that guy gave all the right recommendations …but this impotent congress clowns …refused to act upon it …in Many Cabinet Meetings MKN had to face flak from other parties for espousing a view …contrary to their postion …..

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