ISI Involved in Mumbai Terror Attack – Reports

Pakistan’s intelligence agency ISI (Inter-Services Intelligence) is involved in the deadly terrorist strike on Mumbai, say news reports emanating from India in what could signal a retaliatory military strike on the Islamic nation by India.

In a new story, the Times of India is reporting that:

India has proof that the Inter Services Intelligence was involved in planning the Mumbai terror attacks and training the terrorists who killed more than 180 people during a 60-hour siege of the country’s financial capital, sources said in New Delhi on Thursday.

The names of trainers and the places where meticulous training took place are also known to the government, the sources said.

The United States is believed to have even more evidence, some of which it has shared with India, they said.

Chairman of US Joint Chiefs of Staff Admiral Mike Mullen, who was in Pakistan on Wednesday, is believed to have told his Pakistani interlocutors that Washington had enough evidence to show a Pakistani hand in the attack, the sources said.

It’s not clear to what extent ISI’s involvement in the Mumbai attacks is proven or if the Indian government and defense authorities are leaking information to the friendly domestic media merely to lay the PR groundwork for a military strike against Pakistan.

The New York Times yesterday reported that former members of the Pakistan military and the ISI may have been involved in training the terrorists who attacked Mumbai recently.

After the Mumbai attack, ISI director Ahmad Shuja Pasha was supposed to visit India to help in the investigation but the visit was cancelled abruptly.

ISI has often been charged by Indian authorities of being actively involved in training militants engaging in attacks in Kashmir and elsewhere.

3 Responses to "ISI Involved in Mumbai Terror Attack – Reports"

  1. shuaib68   December 6, 2008 at 12:53 am

    I have spotted these articles in websites and they give many angles to the attack on Mumbai and it’s aftermath. I think this would give some enlightment on how things should progress pragmatically.

    Delving deep into the Mumbai massacre Responds:

    We read the KhaleejTimes piece. We do not completely agree with the anti-U.S. tone. Let’s not forget a lot of so called undemocratic actions the U.S. is accused of followed the 9/11 attacks. They did not precede it.

    We’ll read the first article in full later. Seems more interesting than the second.

  2. joeantony   December 8, 2008 at 7:58 am

    Lot of theories developed after Mumbai attacks.. esp from pak side..

    1. Indian government did it – to divert people from economic issues
    2. Hindu extremists did it – so that they can kill local muslims and go war on pak.
    3. U.S. did it (from ISI ex-s) to pull india in anti Taliban warfare
    4. Hindu terrorists did it – in order to eliminate key police officers who dig out Hindu terrorism

    Believe it or not many of the above were aired in pak TVs. Responds:

    Yeah, right. One of these days, some idiot will blame Vadivelu or Vivek too.

  3. Khanson   February 3, 2009 at 1:54 pm

    ISI is an agency which is licking its wounds because they are the one who created Taliban and Taliban created many off-shoots in the form of Hizbul Mujahideen, Lashkar-e-Toyyeba and many others. ISI proped Taliban to get hold of Afghanistan for its military bases but ISI could not control Taliban’s leaning towards Al-Qa’ida.

    Al-Qa’ida committed a crime in the form of 09/11 and Taliban committed a crime by protecting Al-Qa’ida and ISI was caught unaware that its own pet Taliban is loose in the jungle. Now ISI is unable to tame Taliban and its off-shoots are flexing muscles to enter India for terror related activities.

    Pakistan’s Civilian Govt., wants to tame militants so that terror in India could be capped but ISI is unable to do what is needed to stop Lashkar and others. I do not think ISI could ever control militants it created.

    India Govt. must act prudently and put its weight behind the Civilian Govt. of Pakistan to tame down militants and eradicate terrorism in the region. For the purpose, if India is to feed billions of Dollars into Pakistan economy, it should do so to get the Pak Govt its side. I would not advise Indian Military adventure against Pakistan because it will create numerous problems rather than a simple solution.

    In case of a military adventure by India against Pakistan, I could foresee terrorism growing manifold in India while Pakistan would be at ease because all militants would unite and support Pakistan. In case of Indian attack in Pakistan, Pakistan would enjoy internal stability and militancy would be directed against India for a long time to come. India cannot destroy Pakistan in modern warfare, when Israel could not destroy Hizbullah and Hamas after brutal one sided wars against them, India destroying Pakistan is a far possibility. Though India’s military could pressurise Pakistan through tactical superiority which is best known to Indian Army Gurus. Responds:

    1. In everyone’s best interests, the long term goal should be to aim for an Akhand Bharat comprising India, Pakistan & Bangladesh with a strong central government. It’s not as weird as it sounds. After all, just over 60 years back they were all part of one country. Let’s call it by any name except Hindustan.

    2. When both India and Pakistan have so many pressing problems, so much time and money is wasted in dealing with each other.

    3. The problem is that there are so many religious whackos on both sides (the Hindu nuts in India and the Islamic crackpots in Pakistan) who would oppose it. Plus, of course some external forces will oppose it in their interests.

    4. As for the near term, we agree with the point that Indian Govt. must act prudently and put its weight behind the Civilian Govt. of Pakistan to tame down militants and eradicate terrorism in the region. But if there’s one more attack in India like the Mumbai incident, it’ll be impossible to restrain the hawks in India from embarking on a let’s-teach-them-a-lesson expedition.

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