Saffron Brigade Licking its Wounds in Rajasthan

The Saffron shade is fading in Rajasthan with the ruling BJP receiving a whipping in the state assembly elections while the Congress significantly increased its tally and will most likely form the next government.

What went wrong? The BJP leadership is blaming its poor performance on the candidate selection.

But what about governance of the state over the last few years. Did that have nothing to do at all with the BJP’s defeat?

One would have thought that with Muslim terrorists attacking Mumbai, the party of Ram Bhaktas a.k.a. BJP would have the upper hand at the polls.

Meanwhile, BJP has retained Madhya Pradesh and Chattisgarh while the Congress retained Delhi and wrested Mizoram from the MNF.

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  1. joeantony   December 9, 2008 at 2:00 am

    These results were surprising even for the Congress themselves. Forget Rajasthan, Raje was a poor leader, killed people in shootouts, corrupt administration, so no wonder BJP lost there (BJP was hoping that they could use Mumbai attacks for some brownie points, and it didnt work as rural people dont care a shit about the 5-star hotels being attacked) … but the surprise was Delhi and with a majority congress won… BJP is literally shocked, because they believed Delhi voters would reflect the anti-central government wave we have in metros and urban areas due to lack of intelligence and internal security. It was BJP who claimed that these results would have major impact in Lok Saba elections, and now they say these are local polls with local issues and thus wouldn’t do any damage to parliment elections. 🙂 funny to see them on TV these days.

    Other hand, Congress is not celebrating it heavily either as they know very well that Indian voters always known for surprises and also more ruling states means more anti-incumbency to be fought for parliament elections.

    I think the voting pattern somehow reflects people are not very comfortable with BJP in the given ‘terrorism’ scenario, as they might feel their ruling might aggravate situation in the state (external relations will remain same whoever comes to power as we have seen already in the past).

    It would be a very interesting election to watch next year, having US already worried about the growth of Safron terrorism in India ( Responds:

    While there have been attacks by Hindus against minorities, we doubt it rises to the level of genocide as the article you cite above suggests.

  2. joeantony   December 9, 2008 at 2:27 am

    S.I: doubt it rises to the level of genocide

    Yes currently it couldnt be termed as genocide, but the extremists are building a regional belt, covering Gujarat, MP, Chattisgarh, Orissa. Lot of organisations (mostly parivars) are nurtured these areas they also sponsor the small scale terrorism as well. This region is more important because of its tribals and most backwards base, the people who often convert to Christianity or Islam in large number on the ground of showing agitaion on social inequality imposed by Hinduism. More than saving Hinduism the extremists are irritated to see them changing from their ‘Sutra’ levels. RSS has indicated its parivars to conduct large scale ghar vapsi campaigns in these areas routinely.

    Politicians on the other hand are just using all these situations to loot the money of the people in these states and these states have no development for decades and people are kept busy so that they never notice that the neighbouring states (esp in the south) are galloping in development.

  3. SRINIVAS   December 9, 2008 at 5:04 am

    In the current situation ..BJP is the best bet …. there is really no option ….Others have proved thier incompetence in the last five yrs

    In a democracy …Its upto the individual to decide ….who is the proper representative …. But one must learn from past events …and must not reward parties …who have failed to perform repeatedly ….who are reluctant to act …..if you do so …then the message is very loud and clear to all political parties (whether UPA or NDA ) ….. Inaction also pays and is not punished …this will cost the nation very heavily … This is already happening in many parts of the country

    Take examples – In our country all parties which indulge in Casteism get elected …so caste politics is rewarded …corruption is also not punished …people contest elections from Jails and win … Terrorism is also rewarded in states like Kashmir …they talk about azadi and they all get elected …. Right here in Mumbai … Arun Gawli runs a party and his nephew gets elected …. .do we want TERRORISM to join the list ???…India will become like Pakistan / Palestine / Lebanon ….where terrorist groups like HAMAS run political parties and contest elections and yes ..they also win … In India we have the ” Hurriyat Conference” in Kashmir ….party of so called reformed militants ….reformed because they still demand Azadi and support PAkistan …. this is our definition of Reformed !!!! Govt of India pays monthly pension to families of slain Terrorist in Kashmir …since they are our boys !!!! … who killed them …our ARMY … what about the soldiers who died ???? – This was started by the CONGRESS GOVT — This is how our current rulers/jokers fight terrorism !!!! – Yet they get elected by us – so then we deserve what we get

    BJP …if it loses in the Lok Sabha also …its the country which will pay a heavy price …

    Be Pro- India …. Keep Changing Parties …so that they know …if they dont perform …they had it …the current elections have sent out the wrong message..

    Genocide against minorities is a myth …its a fight between Hindus and converted Hindus …precisely what missionaries want …that we fight against each other …conversions are a way to destablise our society …. In North – East church activities have resulted in Insurgency and Genocide of Hindus … Responds:

    1. You write above: Govt of India pays monthly pension to families of slain Terrorist in Kashmir

    Are you serious? Or is this one more of your minorities-are-screwing-up-India rants?

    You must provide sources with links when you make such strong/interesting/incendiary statements.

    If what you say is true, it’s beyond outrageous.

    2. You write: Keep Changing Parties …so that they know …if they dont perform …they had it …

    Good point, at least in theory. Not sure if it’ll resonate with many people though who generally tend to to stick with their parties. We think many voters are committed to one party or the other and only a small sliver of the electorate belong to the uncommitted category. Some readers have suggested that the BJP lost at the hustings in Rajasthan because they failed to deliver.

    3. You write: people contest elections from Jails and win

    This needs to be fixed on a priority basis. We understand this problem is worse in the cow-belt.

    In the U.S., felons lose the right to even vote in many states. This has led to large-scale disenfranchisement of Blacks in the country because they constitute a significant chunk of the prison population.

  4. satya   December 9, 2008 at 12:08 pm

    BJP is licking its wounds for its own follies. They forgot Performance matters and not mud-slinging.

    Hindu Majority doing genocide against minorities is a Crap Talk. This is again BS from Christian Missionary.

    Turn back the pages of human history. Genocide has always been done by Christians and Muslims. Not even a single recorded incident of Hindus doing genocide.

    Hindu communities were always busy Fighting among themselves for petty issues.

  5. joeantony   December 10, 2008 at 5:21 am

    Srinivas : where terrorist groups like HAMAS run political parties and contest elections

    BJP already given its support to abinav barath.. otherhand I have never heard a condemnation on the terror attacks from any of the nation’s Islamic parties so far. I think India already is in the process of making a terrorist state like pakistan. Responds:

    You write above: I think India already is in the process of making a terrorist state like Pakistan.

    That seems like a stretch.

  6. SRINIVAS   December 11, 2008 at 4:18 am

    Joe anthony :BJP already given its support to abinav barath.. otherhand I have never heard a condemnation on the terror attacks from any of the nation’s Islamic parties so far. I think India already is in the process of making a terrorist state like pakistan.

    Abhinav Bharat and his involvement in terrorism is a ploy to get minority votes by the Congress and defame the BJP …… The police could not submit any evidence whatsoever and the court rejected the plea of the police to have custody of these people …. However lets wait for the investigations to get over and see if the police comes up with anything at all ……

    BJP’s support is natural …. People always ask / Challenge ..these parties …that if they have the guts ..they should take on these terrorists … some people seem to have actually fallen for it ….then you have these same guys saying …..Oh Terror of any form is bad …. Stop Islamic Terror and all these Parties will no longer do what they are doing today …that’s the solution …. The Congress obviously is not interested in that …

    Islamic Parties – Have you heard of Terrorists condeming Terrorists ? …they provide covert support …

    I wish sometimes India behaves like Pakistan …when it comes to terrorising Minorites ….that will automatically stop all this nonsense.

    We believe in Secularism …that too ..for people ..who dont believe in the same …

  7. SRINIVAS   December 11, 2008 at 4:34 am

    SI : You write above: Govt of India pays monthly pension to families of slain Terrorist in Kashmir

    you will find more of this news in google ..its true and shocking … this even while things have not changed much in KAshmir … I can understand …if things have changed …and the govt is helping people economically …so that they can get on with life …

    A Reformed Kashmiri Muslim is one …. Who has left violence …but supports it covertly ….wants Azadi ..loves Pakistan ….Hates Hindus …. BUT YET ….You will find him in diff cities of India …enjoying all that India has to offer …in terms of Education for his kids …Market for his carpets …medical facilites …

  8. SRINIVAS   December 11, 2008 at 10:55 am

    This is a good news here – Hope its true …Equations will change … Responds:

    You write above: Equations will change

    You underestimate the potential for damage from a quasi-guerilla outfit like Al Queda and over-estimate the power of the state (China, in this case).

    Look at history – the U.S. in Vietnam, U.S. in Iraq, Indian security forces in Kashmir, Peruvian govt vs Sendero Luminoso (Shining Path), Spanish govt vs ETA …..have struggled in what seems at first glance like an asymmetric battle with overwhelming power in the hands of the state.

    It’s an asymmetric battle, all right – but the advantage is actually with the smaller, guerilla outfit that can hit & run and take cover within the civilian population. Short of genocide against the Muslims, we doubt even China can do much to battle an outfit like Al Queda.

  9. kashmiriyat   December 11, 2008 at 1:37 pm

    True wealth of any nation is its people… Everyone should understand without people a nation has no meaning. I don’t know why India lays its claim on Kashmir when majority of the Kashmiri people don’t want to call themselves as Indian. Kashmir is an independent territory and was never a part of Hindu India nor Muslim Pakistan. It was attacked and is occupied till date by India and Pakistan alike. Kashmiri’s see Indian’s occupation of Kashmir like India saw the British rule before 15 August 1947. Kashmiri’s will always fight for their land until they get it liberated from foreign forces… The sooner the foreign forces understand this thing sooner peace could be reached. Responds:

    What India did to Kashmir in 1947 and later by not conducting the promised plebiscite was a gross injustice.

    We believe it was Nehru’s pathological attachment to Kashmir (the land of his Pandit forefathers) that ultimately caused all the problems.

    Having said that, we think it’s now too late. It’s going to be very hard for a landlocked, independent Kashmir to survive for long surrounded by hostile countries like India, Pakistan and China (because all three would be suspicious of the intent of Kashmir if it were to become independent).

  10. SRINIVAS   December 12, 2008 at 2:14 am

    Kashmir has always been a part of India …. This malicious lies being spread that …it was independant is humbug …. India as such was always ruled by different Kings …then by British and then back to us …. so if you apply the above logic …curent day India or Pakistan or for that matter even Kashmir (which is Jammu and Kashmir) will have many groups ..claming that …they were independant …..

    Jammu belongs to Hindus … LAdakh to buddhists and Kashmir to Pandits …. Muslims are invaders …who should be driven out … just because we believe in secularism …all this nonsense is being tolerated ….. Muslims are the ones …who should be driven out ….

    Kashmir – name comes from Sage Kashyap – who discovered KAshmir ……. this kashmiriyat was not even present then …nor where his ancestors …… their laying claim to that land ..just because they are more in Numbers ……..Typically ISlam ….RELIGION OF PEACE …….The Shit …..Which we will clean up …….. Responds:

    You are not addressing the crucial issue of Nehru/India going back on the plebiscite promise.

  11. SRINIVAS   December 16, 2008 at 1:50 am

    SI : You are not addressing the crucial issue of Nehru/India going back on the plebiscite promise.

    The Pre-condition for a Plebiscite was withdrawal of Pakistani Troops from POK …and then a Plebiscite under the supervision of UN …..

    PAkistan did not succeed in its attempts to capture Kashmir ….not only because of Indian Army ..but also because the Local Population did not support them …. Hence a Plebiscite was not at their interest …at that point in time ….so they did not withdraw troops …

    you will get more on Google ..the above one give you the “UN Resolution” verbatim – so that’s as close as it comes to being unbiased or authentic

    India nevertheless conducted elections and KAshmir had a democratically elected Govt … What about POK ??? … till date ???

    Pakistan’s treatment of ” Mohajirs ” after partition ……. (later on Bangladeshi’s) – Both Muslims ….. was / is very much alive …in the minds of people …. Pakistan does not want KAshmiri’s ….it only wants the land …..

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