Great Rajkumar Songs

The late Kannada actor Rajkumar a.k.a. annavaru was not a great actor but songs from his movies are the stuff of legend.

Here is a baker’s dozen of some great Rajkumar songs we have enjoyed over the years (not all were sung by him):

Thamnam Thamnam Nanee Manasu – this song features Rajkumar and Kalpana from the blockbuster Eradu Kanasu

Thanuvu Manavu  – Aarti looks hot in this song from Raja Nanna Raja

Nagunagutha Nee baruve – from the movie Giri Kanye

Enneno Aasefrom the movie Shankar Guru

Ninade Nenapu – featuring Rajkumar and Aarti this song is from Raja Nanna Raja

Chinnada Mallige Hoove – from the movie Huliya Haalina Mevu

Banigondu Elle Ellide – again featuring Rajkumar and Aarti. This song is from Premada Kanike, later made into Tamil as Polladhavan (Rajinikant)

Naa Bidalare Endhu Ninna – again from Premada Kanike

Yaare Koogadali – Rajkumar in Sampathige Saval

Eko Eno Aase – funny dance from Prathidhwani

Navaduva Nudi – a big hit from the movie Gandhadhi Gudi

Binkada Singari – from the 1963 Black & White Rajkumar film Kanyarathna

Naaniruvude NimagaagiAnnavaru in Mayura

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  1. guruprasad.s   December 28, 2008 at 8:18 am

    Considering that Raj Kumar was not a trained singer (other than his , it is surprising that he has rendered so may memorable songs. Of course, due credit should be given to music composers and lyricists of that time, but Raj’s voice lent that extra something to those songs.
    In this respect, Raj’s talent for singing is akin to that of Kishore Kumar, although the latter was much prolific.

    Raj Kumar, the actor, was great when he portrayed mythological characters. The confrontation between son Babruvaahana and the father Arjuna (Raj in a double role) in the movie Babruvaahana is just one example.
    For someone coming from drama/theatre background, Raj Kumar was fairly understated. He loked a bit awkward while doing James Bond type of movies, but was comfortable otherwise in most genres.

    Good to read about our own Annavru.

    BTW, I found Surya in Ghajini (Tamil) much more charming than Aamir in Ghajini (Hindi). Surya is younger, and more expressive. Moreover, the Tamil version has two very good songs and the music of one of them also serves as the background score for the movie. In contrast, the songs and background score in the Hindi version do not make an impression. While director Murugadoss has lifted a lot from Memento, there is novelty in the way in which the romance (arising out of a confusion) is handled.

    If only he had refrained from stealing and put in some more effort.

    Like they say, chori paanch paise ki ho ya paanch karod ki, chori to chori hai. Responds:

    1. You write: For someone coming from drama/theatre background, Raj Kumar was fairly understated.

    Very true (Used to be known as Muthuraj (??) in the early days).

    Particularly, when you contrast Rajkumar to the Tamil actor Sivaji Ganesan (whose defenders constantly fall back upon his stage background to explain his overacting)

    2. Yes, we also felt Surya in Ghajini (Tamil) to be more charming than Aamir in Ghajini (Hindi).

  2. halfMonkHalfHitman   December 28, 2008 at 9:56 am

    Few more of his popular numbers:

    song with a classical music touch:

    and probably his most poular song(on the lines of Navaduva Nudi):

  3. satya   December 28, 2008 at 3:48 pm

    Also listen to this :

    good song but annavru in funny cowboy ishtyle..haha Responds:

    Nice songs.

    Sometimes we think the best songs were written for Rajkumar.

    Vishnuvardhan was not that fortunate in the matter of songs. Though Vishnu has a few good ones, Dr.Raj beats him hands down.

    But Ekko Eno is the best song in Prathidwani although the dance is horrid. Perhaps, P.B.Srinivas at his acme.

  4. IAmAnIdiot   January 1, 2009 at 4:40 pm

    Now we understand why you abuse all Tamil actors, becuase u r a karnakaranda. tamil matladu machi. Responds:

    Enna paithiyama?

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