Naxal Babus Slow to Embrace Broadband

Looks like our Naxal troglodytes are slow to see the attraction of broadband Internet access.

Yes, our Bengali babus are lagging badly in the adoption of broadband.

Why is broadband penetration low in West Bengal compared to states with lesser population?

Are these luddites forever listening to Rabindra Sangeet or eternally preparing for the dictatorship of the proletariat that they have no time for web surfing.


State wise Broadband Subcribers in India

West Bengal not only has low broadband connections but the growth rate has also been low over the last 10 months.

States like Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and Delhi with far lower population than West Bengal have significantly higher broadband subscribers.

West Bengal has a literacy rate of 71.6% and is No-16 in the state-wise literacy ranking. The people have a reputation of being cultured and passionate about learning. And it’s not as if the state does not have centers of higher learning. There’s the IIT in Kharagpur, Jadhavpur University and other academic institutions. The state also a reputation of being a vibrant hub of intellectual ferment for several decades.

So why is broadband penetration in West Bengal lagging so badly for its population?

(Sure, other Indian states like Bihar have much lower broadband connections. But then who cares about the killing fields of Bihar. If Bihar is not at the bottom of any table, it’d be news.)

3 Responses to "Naxal Babus Slow to Embrace Broadband"

  1. aditya_k   December 30, 2008 at 3:30 am

    West Bengal is hopeless as far as development is concerned…..everyone here is laid back and do not bother about any kind of progress taking place else where.

    It’s not just the govt, people don’t have any ambitions…..besides, WB has only one city (kolkata)…take up any other state (except N-E states), they have at least 2 or more major cities….this shows the state of affairs here….the state is dying without any major industrial investments.

  2. Skjoldbjærg   December 30, 2008 at 10:03 am

    Why was Kharagpur chosen as the first campus for IIT? Didn’t know that 2008 saw 6 new IITs.. so I guess passing the JEE wouldn’t be as cool as before.

  3. aditya_k   December 30, 2008 at 12:48 pm

    although the reason is not known for choosing KGP for the IIT, its turned out to be a good decision….KGP is one of the least affected regions of WB, whether naxally or politically…..its very isolated (although that works against us sometimes!!)and provides a condusive study environment….its only 100km from kolkata (2hrs by train) which is the only city in the state…..

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