They are Not Our Tamils; Do Not Interfere in Sri Lanka

Stalin (the original Russian guy not the duplicate local fella) did many things wrong.

But Stalin did one thing right when he angrily yelled at Lenin’s wife Nadezhda Krupskaya that just because she used the same toilet as Lenin gave her no reason to interfere in party affairs.

Similarly, just because some Sri Lankans speak a version of Tamil (hey, even their Tamil is a bastardized version of our Tamil), that is no reason for Indians to jump to the support of Sri Lankan Tamils.

They are not our Tamils (Naan oru thadava sonna… Nooru thadava sonna mathiri).

Let the clowns in Tamil Nadu – Karunanidhi and the other bozos – froth at the mouth all day and all night, India must stand firm and not intefere in the current war in Sri Lanka.

As AIADMK leader Jayalalitha rightly said the other day, “the killing of innocents is inevitable in a war. No country is an exception.”

Let these misguided clowns issue their final appeals, hand down their ultimatums and engage in hunger strikes. India must not budge.

The war between Sri Lankan armed forces and the terrorist outfit LTTE is a matter for the two parties to resolve.

* Let us never forget the LTTE is a ruthless terrorist outfit that has brought immense misery to tens of thousands of people and even today uses civilians as a human shield.

* Let us never forget that the LTTE terrorists have waged war against India by murdering our leader Rajiv Gandhi on Indian soil.

* Let us never forget that the LTTE terrorists deserve to be mercilessly crushed.

* Let’s never forget that there are millions and millions in Bihar, Jharkhand, Mumbai and other parts of India who desperately need assistance before we dispatch aid to Sri Lankan Tamils, (again, they are not our Tamils).

Folks, charity begins at home. And home is our poor and suffering people in India.

Unless you want Pakistan sending aid to the Muslims in Gujarat, Kashmir, Moradabad and other communal hotspots in India, let us stay away from the Sri Lankan Tamil crisis.

Yes, the Sri Lankan Tamils are not our Tamils.

5 Responses to "They are Not Our Tamils; Do Not Interfere in Sri Lanka"

  1. LIve_AS_yOU_LIkE   January 24, 2009 at 3:26 am

    If this [deleted] Karunanidhi really wanted peace for the Lankan Tamils, he should have acted long back when India did a vietnam on Sri Lanka. At that time this idiot fueled the war and the crisis. Now this Charlatan want to stop the war because Prabakaran is calling him everyday to save him or else he will chop off his head. Responds:

    You write above: he should have acted long back when India did a vietnam on Sri Lanka

    Perhaps, one of the smartest acts of Indian foreign policy was for the IPKF to get out of Sri Lanka before it became a quagmire like it did for the U.S. in Vietnam

  2. gshankar   January 24, 2009 at 10:50 am

    This whole issue is so strongly taken up by Karunanidhi and co, not because they feel so strongly for the tamil cause, not because of the vote bank because there aren’t too many people who are bothered by the state of tamilians in SriLanka.If you follow the scene, you would know that they werent all that keen on the tamil cause, apart from the occasional press conference condemning the sri lankan govt. This sudden rise in srilankan tamil patriotism is a diversionary tactic to counter the increasing pressure on the central govt to act against A.Raja(Read DMKL) in the “telecom spectrum scandal”(WHICH IS MASSSIVE(FAR FAR FAR FAR WORSE than SATYAM)!!!Spectrum valued upto 100000crores sold for measly sums). Some things are so obvious and yet the media/the people just fail to see the obvious manipulations!

    In an unrelated incident,another brilliant counter tactic adopted was by Ramalinga Raju where he surrendered to the hyderabad police where he yields power through politicians, and now the sebi and sfio have no access to him. The moment I saw the news that he surrendered to the hybd police, I knew his flow of thought but no one came forward to counter it and the media as well completely missed the buck!

    In a world where the media seems to yield unwavering power of rattling even the most deeply routed vices, in a world where the media concentrates the voices of the people into a single coherent LOUD voice, it is indeed unfortunate and disheartening to see that the upper echelons (read:abusers) of power are becoming quickly and increasingly adept at manipulating the same. Responds:

    Nice analysis. Thanks.

    In the last para, did you mean to say wield instead of yield?

  3. LIve_AS_yOU_LIkE   January 24, 2009 at 11:09 am

    Exactly! The even more smartest policy in recent times from the central Indian Government is completely ignoring the pro-LTTE clowns. Yesterday it seems Karuna issued a statement saying that this is the last time he is warning the center to take action against Lanka and that he expects a response from them today. If it is true what he says,then it is also logically true that the Central Government completely ignored him-they didn’t even give a shit to him.

    People like Vaiko knows that the entire India is watching them. Some time before the Lankan army chief referred to the people who were against the war as ‘jokers’ and that they will not have any income if Prabakaran was caught. Vaiko immediately assumed he was that ‘JOKER’ and demanded an apology from the army chief. Only thing that finally happened is the Indian Media didn’t consider this news as anything important and sidelined this so-called controversy.

    Stupid Clowns are ruling Tamil Nadu and I am ashamed of the path the state is taking today. Tamils who are supposed to be the most patriotic of all Indians should not fall into the Lankan Tamil’s trap.

  4. gshankar   January 24, 2009 at 2:05 pm

    My bad…yes….wield is the word….dont knw why…yield seemed correct until i recollected its meaning.

  5. gazup   January 26, 2009 at 2:01 am

    So what kind of Tamil are you?

    You hate Tamil movies and you think India is sick and you hate Sri Lankan tamils.

    And you compare Pakistan/Muslim nations helping Muslims in India with Indian Tamils supporting Sri Lankan Tamils? Responds:

    1. We love Tamil movies. We love India. And we don’t hate Sri Lankan Tamils.

    2. It’s just that we ought to capture the LTTE terrorist Prabhakaran for Rajiv Gandhi’s assassination.

    As for aid to Sri Lankan Tamils, let’s first focus our aid efforts on the many millions of needy Indians. After all, as they say, charity begins at home.

    3. You write: And you compare Pakistan/Muslim nations helping Muslims in India with Indian Tamils supporting Sri Lankan Tamils?

    When we intefere in Sri Lanka on the grounds of helping Sri Lankan Tamils, that gives a cause for others to interfere in India.

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