Expensive, Desperate Starbucks Tries ‘Discounts’

Starbucks is EXPENSIVE.

God knows how mucho dollars we’ve squandered in their stores on the coffee, the brownies, the scones et al.

Ever since our Gujjus made the Dunkin Coffee undrinkable, we’ve shifted our loyalties to Starbucks.

But since the U.S. economy got flushed out into the toilet, Starbucks has taken a severe beating. Plus competition from McDonald’s hasn’t helped nor have hundreds of store closings.

Now in desperation, Starbucks is trying ‘discount’ combos.

Here’s what Starbucks had to say this morning:

Responding to the economic pressures facing its customers, Starbucks Coffee Company will introduce a selection of pairings each for $3.95 beginning March 3. These pairings will be available all day and provide customers with an average savings of as much as $1.20, and with 100 percent ethically-traded coffee and high quality ingredients, the pairings offer a value beyond price. Starbucks pairings combine a tall, handcrafted Caffè Latte or tall, fresh Brewed Coffee with some of its best-selling breakfast items. Two new artisan sandwiches will debut as part of the pairings.

Will Starbucks’ ‘discounts’ help? We doubt it.

When people are unwilling to fork out $1.95 for the small coffees, why would they spend $3.95 in these troubled times. Wonder what the Starbucks executives are smoking.

By the way, the breakfast items at Starbucks are not for Indian palates. They smell funny, taste funny and are priced funny.

Maybe, if Starbucks introduces an Idli/Vada-Coffee combo, we’ll try their breakfast combo. Until then, count us out Starbucks.

One Response to "Expensive, Desperate Starbucks Tries ‘Discounts’"

  1. Amy G. Dala   March 1, 2009 at 11:06 pm

    Are you planning a Maine trip?


    SearchIndia.com Responds:

    Sounds like a nice idea. 😉

    For those too lazy to click on the link, here’s an excerpt:

    It’s a tough time for businesses, but one entrepreneur may have found the recipe for success.

    On Monday, Donald Crabtree opened Grand View Topless Coffee Shop in Vassalboro, Maine, where the waiters and waitresses serve their customers topless.

    ….The coffee shop jobs are paying off. One waitress received a $100 tip for a cup of coffee, and most of the wait staff make about $30 a table.

    Although the topless coffee shop has been open less than a week, Crabtree said he is already seeing regulars. Customers include a variety of individuals, but mainly couples and females.

    [Donald Crabtree] also sees his new business venture as a temporary fix for customers struggling through tough economic times.

    “The economy is so bad,” Crabtree said, “Everyone’s losing their homes, their ties, everything they own. People leave here happy and can’t wait to come back. It’s nice to see people smile again.”

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