Yipee, Slumdog Millionaire Wins Third Oscar – for Sound Mixing

Keep it coming. Keep it coming.

The absolutely delightful Slumdog Millionaire has just won the third Oscar at the 81st Annual Academy Awards ceremony.

Slumdog Millionaire has been awarded the Oscar for Sound Mixing (Ian Tapp, Richard Pryke, Resul Pookutty)

Slumdog’s rivals in this category:

    * The Curious Case of Benjamin Button – David Parker, Michael Semanick, Ren Klyce, Mark Weingarten
    * The Dark Knight – Lora Hirschberg, Gary Rizzo, Ed Novick
    * WALL-E – Tom Myers, Michael Semanick, Ben Burtt
    * Wanted – Chris Jenkins, Frank A. Montaño, Petr Forejt

Directed by Danny Boyle, this extraordinary movie has already picked up two Oscars – for Best Adapted Screenplay and Cinematography.

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    Pookutty rocks!

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