Amazing America – America’s Healthcare Genocide at Home

Despicable greed by mercenary doctors, crooked hospitals, callous insurance firms and gluttonous pharmaceutical companies is playing havoc with the lives of Americans.

Scary Survey
Earlier today, Consumer Reports (a highly-respected non-partisan organization) put out the results of a survey. Folks, the results are very depressing and downright scary.

According to the survey, 28% of Americans told Consumer Reports they’d taken potentially dangerous actions to save money, such as not filling prescriptions, skipping dosages and cutting pills in half without the approval of their doctor.

Mercenary Doctors
Greedy American doctors constantly take the easy way out by blaming the legal system for all the ailments of the present system. But that’s not merely a Goebbelsian lie but also an easy cop-out.

Doctors charge as much as $220 for a mere 10-minute examination if you are uninsured. Ironically, if you are insured doctors get far less money from the insurance companies or for that matter from the government for Medicare /Medicaidpatients.

American doctors are the greediest swines on Planet Earth bar none. Let’s not forget a lot of American doctors are from South Asia.

Hispanic Situation Worse
The grim healthcare situation gets worse when it comes to minorities like Hispanics. 

Consumer Reports found in a separate poll of Hispanic consumers that half of Hispanic Americans are not following through on their doctors’ prescriptions and nearly 3 in 10 had decided against filling a script for cost reasons.

A Genocide at Home
Leading American columnists like Nicholas Kristof of the New York Times often make a big issue about genocide and humanitarian crises in Darfur, Bosnia and elsewhere. 

The tragedy is that right in America a bigger genocide is happening.

Tis true that traditional definitions of genocide refer mainly to the killing of a race. But the genocide currently under way in America involves the slow, systematic and wilful murder of the uninsured category of people (i.e. the poor millions) under the aegis of an indifferent government (since Congressmen, Senators, the President and members of his Cabinet have access to the best medical care why would they care about the uninsured or underinsured).

And these Kristofs are so busy fighting genocide in Africa and don’t give a flying f**k about this shameful genocide happening right in their own house.

America’s Shame
It’s well documented that 45 million Americans do not have access to healthcare and a total of 75 million are either uninsured or under-insured.

As a recent New York Times story on the uninsured put it:

They borrow leftover prescription drugs from friends, attempt to self-diagnose ailments online, stretch their diabetes and asthma medicines for as long as possible and set their own broken bones. When emergencies strike, they rarely can afford the bills that follow.

America spends more on healthcare per capita yet tens of millions are without basic medical care because a big chunk of the money goes to the quartet of mercenary doctors, crooked hospitals, callous insurance firms and gluttonous pharmaceutical companies.

The costs of medical procedures in the U.S. is beyond disgusting.

God knows how many thousands have died in America because they couldn’t afford healthcare.

How long before we have a healthcare catastrophe in this country brought about because some sick people couldn’t afford the obscenely high cost of treatment.

Urgently Needed
What must be done, and done right now, is to extend Medicare (now offered to those 65 and above) to all Americans.

But the mercenary pack of doctors, insurance companies, pharmaceutical firms and hospitals is unlikely to allow such a noble bill to pass in Congress, which is more obsessed about the bailout of their cronies on Wall Street.

In the meantime, thousands of Americans will slowly die because they cannot satiate the Demons of Greed (i.e the bloodthirsty pack of doctors, insurance companies, pharmaceutical firms and hospitals).

6 Responses to "Amazing America – America’s Healthcare Genocide at Home"

  1. coolfrog_20   March 18, 2009 at 12:56 am

    Hope you have seen “Sicko”. Responds:

    Yes, here’s the Sicko Review.

  2. SRINIVAS   March 18, 2009 at 6:44 am

    you should do some more research ….i am sure you can come with some Indian names ….who can be blamed for this mess Responds:

    We are sure there must be more than one doctor here with the name Srinivas. 😉

  3. coolfrog_20   March 18, 2009 at 9:16 am

    5 hours after I posted the above comment, I spoke to someone very close who is G2P2L2 as ‘we’ say.

    Her first child suffers from a permanent disabling condition in which parts of the brain have accumulated CSF resulting in a lot of problems. The child can’t move limbs properly, difficulty in speaking etc. to name a few. The reason according to a surgeon who drained the fluid may have been “mishandling” right after birth.

    The second child is OK till now. She had wisely shifted to another hospital for the second baby only to find herself in trouble again. From overdosage of drugs to incompetent student nurses she has had to bear it all. Also being milked like a cow by the same incompetent nurses after taking some drugs to increase lactation. I didn’t have the courage to tell her the obvious which was that most probably it was a test.

    Indians are lab mice to pharmac companies. Its no secret. But what is astonishing is that she went to private hosp both times-reputed ones. And she paid a lot of money too. Her other option would have been hopelessly untidy and smelly however completely free (go in with one and come out with two kind-diseases for the uninitiated) local government hospitals.

    My point…. I don’t have any. I just wanted to type G2P2L2 and let you guys know that I am a med student. Ha ha the laughs on you suckers.

  4. I. M. Legend   March 18, 2009 at 10:12 am

    ah, we have a drunk half-doctor! Drunk with vanity.

    Damn Google didn’t yield any good results for G2P2L2.

  5. coolfrog_20   March 18, 2009 at 11:51 am

    @I.M. Legend
    Drunk half-doctor says “try obstetric score”
    Well forgive my twisted humor. Njan oru pancha pavam aanu( I am a very humble person). And thanks for the new id. Enough of frogs for now.

  6. starbust   May 13, 2009 at 2:36 pm

    Some doctors in US have private jets. How those poor folks can afford jets or premium wagons without charging insane fees to you, the hapless commoner on the earth? Responds:

    Doctors in U.S. (with perhaps a few exceptions) are the greediest SOBs on the Planet with scant concern for their fellow humans.

    The good health care systems – Canada, France, UK, Germany….

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