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  1. Stitha   March 17, 2009 at 12:51 pm

    what the f*** was Varun Gandhi thinking?. His Education at LSE has become a worthless piece of shit with his speeches. This is really serious. For a moment, I couldn’t believe it that a man with eyes, heart and a brain could say this.

    I thought Rajiv Gandhi was the only communal man in the Gandhi-Nehru Family, now this super dumbo too has joined the league.

    I always thought I’m an atheist shaped by Hinduism, but these kind of instances make me to become an advaitic Hindu and preach it’s followers unity among living beings and thus eliminate hatred from their thoughts. (Here I made lots of assumptions. I know that Morality cannot be derived from Reason and it’s easier to make Indians understand peace using pantheism rather than atheism etc etc 🙂 )

    SearchIndia.com Responds:

    1. You write above: I couldn’t believe it that a man with eyes, heart and a brain could say this…I know that Morality cannot be derived from Reason

    Morality? heart?…What old-fashioned notions you have. You truly are an anachronism.

    2. You write: I thought Rajiv Gandhi was the only communal man in the Gandhi-Nehru Family, now this super dumbo too has joined the league.

    Those who think Indian politicians are dumbos are the real dumbos. There’s usually some method to our politicians’ madness.

    3. You write: His Education at LSE has become a worthless piece of shit with his speeches

    What the f*** does LSE or Harvard have to do with anything at all in life any more.

    Our dodo ex-prez George Bush went to Yale and Harvard. Bill Clinton went to Yale but that didn’t stop him from shoving his cigar into Monica’s twat right in the White House. Rahul Gandhi went to Harvard for a short while.

    An Ivy League degree means nothing these days.

  2. coolfrog_20   March 17, 2009 at 1:07 pm

    Its in these situations that one wish for powers of invisibility.

    Poor chap. Obviously he got carried away and displayed his deepest darkest feelings. And he had no idea that he was being filmed is apparent.

    I think he will win in his constituency(subject to him not being disqualified) but after that I don’t see much future for him. Made me remember the movie Crash the part where the police guy who seemed so nice to blacks and all-ready to give evidence against racist partner, killing the black guy in a moment of weakness.

    Varun Gandhi must have had a liberal upbringing being the son of Maneka and Sanjay. Wonder what made him join BJP? On a related note, why is that young educated well-off people are attracted to extremism/fundamentalism? IM seem to draw it cadres from professionals in Bangalore and Mumbai. RSS has IT shakhas.

    SearchIndia.com Responds:

    You write: why is that young educated well-off people are attracted to extremism/fundamentalism

    We think education, degrees, prosperity et al have little to do with the beastly instincts inherent in most humans. These base instincts are never completely tamed and often rise to the surface.

  3. Stitha   March 17, 2009 at 3:39 pm

    ‘old fashioned notions’ ?

    People couldn’t bear me when I said to them I wouldn’t even help a person on a road who just met with an accident citing the reason that my act wouldn’t affect the equilibrium of the Universe at all. It took me many years of thinking that it’s almost impossible to axiomatize life and finally I have to agree upon things like emotions, feelings etc. In theory, I know that there are no morals in the world but practically I have to be bound by morals and emotions.


    Oh common ! I was just using the Greek Aristotelean view of explaining emotions to sound more human . ( Anyway , I thought it to be a little bit poetic 😉 . see you have too many poems dealing with heart 🙂 . Also, more human because machines – even if they are built, either by top-down AI or bottom-up AI will never have a HEART to feel 😉 )

    “Those who think Indian politicians are dumbos are the real dumbos”
    Oh my ! I have terrible English. please consider dumbo == ‘a person who stupidly calculated the outcome of his actions’ in this case.

    F***! (replace the last three letters with asterisks i.e with *** ) I should stop now , writing too much nonsense. 😉

  4. kreacher   March 17, 2009 at 4:28 pm

    “Bill Clinton went to Harvard”

    I believe Clinton went to Oxford, then Yale – never Harvard. But then Wikipedia might be wrong (though I am sure of the Oxford part – he was a Rhodes scholar)

    SearchIndia.com Responds:

    You are right. Fixed.


  5. IAmAnIdiot   March 17, 2009 at 5:22 pm

    Now we understand why you call all tamil actors are crap and all tamils are idiots and all tamils are stupids…..because u are a … how you underwear all tha kannda song!

    Endendhu Ninnanu Maratu (P.B.Srinivas, Vani Jayaram) – One of the all-time great Kannada songs from the Rajkumar, Manjula movie Eradu Kanasu (1974). Watch Rajkumar and Manjula dance, run around a hill and ride on a Lambretta scooter in this song.
    Banegondu Elle Ellide (Rajkumar) – A lovely song from the 1976 murder mystery fim Premada Kanike (Rajkumar, Aarti). Rajkumar and Aarti are driving down a hilly road in this song. Premada Kanike was later remade in Tamil as Polladhavan with Rajinikanth in the lead.
    Nodamma Hudugi (S.P.Balasubramaniam, Lata Hamsalekha; Music – Hamsalekha) – A superhit song from the superhit Juhi Chawla, Ravichandran movie Premaloka (1987). Juhi Chawla later went on to Bollywood and bigger things later.

    SearchIndia.com Responds:

    1. You write above: all tamils are stupids

    Where did you learn to write such gems….must have been in the Mayiladuthurai Myrpudingi Girls Elementary School.

    2. You forgot our post on Old Sivaji Ganesan Favorites.

    3. We do recollect anointing you as a blithering idiot on more than one occasion…not sure about your other charges.

    4. Bhadava, pitchi veshalu kattipettu (stop your mischievous actions). Guess, that makes us Telugu.

    As we’ve said before, like most Indians we’re also polyglots.

  6. What_if   March 18, 2009 at 4:56 am

    Controversy thy name is Fame.
    (for instance, majority of us didn’t have a clue as to who the f*** was Pramod Muthalik – until the monkeys ran amok in Mangalore)

    For all we know, this could be a maverick move by BJP, the electorate will never be able to fathom the game plan of those out to grab power. (They aren’t dumbos as you say)

    Rahul Gandhi’s speech could well be the first pawn to be moved on the political chess board, before the King (or should it be the “Queen” Sonia, in this case) could be check-mated.

    @ collfrog_20: Wonder what made him join BJP?

    The answer could lie in the Great Indian Epic Mahabarath, first cousins Pandavas and Kauravas were on the opposite warring sides.
    To continue the tradition of dynastic rule, it is but natural for Rahul and Varun to be on opposite sides, so that, a few decades down the lane, people will be left with no choice, but to choose one of them as PM.

    SearchIndia.com Responds:

    You write above: The answer could lie in the Great Indian Epic Mahabarath, first cousins Pandavas and Kauravas were on the opposite warring sides.

    In this case, both seem like Kauravas.

  7. SRINIVAS   March 18, 2009 at 6:36 am

    very typical analysis – secular analysis ..on why he could have made such a statement …in case he has ? …..everything which is not even remotely related to this issue should be connected using some convulted logic and then arrive at the very same standard conclusion ….he is communal …comes from a communal party …blah blah ….

    Has he made a statement ….as its being presented ? …what was the reason ?

    Read below link to know the real reason ….


    Now investigate those crimes and punish the guilty … establish some law and order OR be ready to face the music at other places …….

    As usual even in this case …its Muslims and their unwavering commitment to peace (Islam is a religion of peace), respect for other religions (kill kafirs), respect for women (kafirs can be raped)….and of course the overwhelming desire to maintain communal harmony inspite of grave provocations from the BJP !!! -which is responsible for this …..

    As usual the media will report only that which they consider as “Secular” news when it comes to minorities …

    SearchIndia.com Responds:

    1. You write: Has he made a statement ….as its being presented ? …what was the reason ?

    Did Hitler really kill 6 million Jews?

    You sound like the Holocaust deniers.

    2. Cut the BS and don’t go off on a tangent.

    Address the issue of the rabidly communal statements in Varun Gandhi’s video.

    No one is saying all Muslims are secular or peace-loving. Most of the recent bombings in India are being attributed to them (most likely accurately). Let the law takes its course on the criminals.

    Similarly, the law shold take its course vis-a-vis Varun Gandhi for his communal and inflammatory remarks..

  8. SRINIVAS   March 19, 2009 at 3:27 am

    SI : You write: Has he made a statement ….as its being presented ? …what was the reason ?

    you should read the Indian Express link …where he has clarified ….therein lies the answer to all your questions ….

    He said “Wrong Elements” and that was interpreted as “Muslims” …..see as such I fully agree with that interpretation …..it seems that even Secularists think so !!! ….considering that they are the interpreters here ….

    This whole controversy is based on ..something which he has not said ….doctored CD ….?? ….

    Lets wait for the probe to get over …it will be clear …

    SearchIndia.com Responds:

    Your Express links do not provide an explanation only excerpts from Varun Gandhi’s hateful campaign speeches.

  9. SRINIVAS   March 23, 2009 at 5:40 am

    not exactly related to this post ….

    Read Advani’s interview in this week’s Outlook ….Sri Rama Sene (valentine day controversy ) had contested elections against the BJP in all the assembly seats in Karnataka….

    Now its surprising that this was not reported by any of the mainstream media ……during that whole drama ….Neither did BJP say this ?

    Standards in Media have fallen down to such a extent ?

    SearchIndia.com Responds:

    Interesting. Wonder why it was not reported by the media and equally interesting is why the local BJP leaders in Karnataka did not bring it up (in future, please provide a link…helps to move along faster). On the part of journalists, we would attribute it to pathetic ignorance if none of them reported it.

    For those too lazy, to read the full interview, here’s the Outlook question and Advani’s answer vis-a-vis Rama Sene:

    About the Mangalore pub attack, it has been said that your condemnation of the Sri Rama Sene came too late…

    What do you know about it? I am shocked journalists do not know or bring out the fact that the Sri Rama Sene made itself a political party and put up 83 candidates against the BJP in Karnataka during the assembly elections. Not one candidate saved his deposit but they fought against the BJP. I do not deny that someone like that Muthalik at some time may have had a link with the Sangh parivar. But he has formed his organisation as a political party against the BJP. The other day, when they asked me about the attack at the Bangalore airport, I was inclined to say this, but I did not, as they will say he is attacking the Sri Rama Sene over the pub incident only because it put up candidates against his party during the assembly polls.

    Another key question:

    You are the man who steered the ideological journey of the party. But the BJP has no ideological issue this election and will raise largely economic issues.

    Good governance, security and development—those will be the main planks of the BJP in this election.

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