Incredible India – 16; Deaf, Dumb & Raped

Folks, here’s the latest instalment of Incredible India, those Only in India stories.

* Even the deaf and dumb are not spared from sexual assaults in India. Several young deaf and dumb girls were repeatedly raped over several months allegedly by their teachers at a school in Tutu, near Shimla. Here’s an excerpt from the Times of India story:

More skeletons tumbled out of the closet of Tutu-based disabled welfare home on Thursday, where six girls in the age group of 13 to 21 were raped and sexually abused by their teachers for months. The institute for deaf and dumb, run by NGO Prerna Welfare, had been operating illegally since its inception in 2004 to November 2008 when it got registered under the Persons With Disability Act, 1995. The Himachal Pradesh Women Commission, too, has found serious lapses in its functioning.

Police had arrested three teachers, including the school principal, in the case. They arrested the fourth accused, another teacher who was absconding, from Sarkaghat in Mandi district on Thursday. All the accused were later produced before magistrate J L Azad and remanded to police custody till March 23.

* Among the many sins blamed on astrologers in India, add this one too. It seems an astrologer’s prediction ultimately led to Saravana Bhavan Hotel owner P.Rajagopal committing murder.

Mera Bharat Mahan.

4 Responses to "Incredible India – 16; Deaf, Dumb & Raped"

  1. sunnysonu   March 21, 2009 at 9:21 am

    I think holding the entire india responsible for certain misdeeds of few ill minded individuals could be wrong on your part.

    I am not justifying the acts of these idiots nor complaining that you are bringing the darker aspects of few rotten indians but you can explore the positive aspects of the country as well…hope you will not respond that their is nothing postive to right about india….

    Just providing you the link where the army officer was sexually harassed by her superior in your great country US …now can the whole world blame the entire americans for this ?….

    Few Points from the article:
    “The military is one of the most highly controlled environments imaginable. When there are rules that the Pentagon absolutely wants followed, they are rigidly enforced by the chain of command. Violations are not tolerated. The military could bring about a radical reduction in the number of rapes and other forms of sexual assault if it wanted to, and it could radically improve the overall treatment of women in the armed forces.

    There is no real desire in the military to modify this aspect of its culture. It is an ultra-macho environment in which the overwhelming tendency has been to see all women — civilian and military, young and old, American and foreign — solely as sexual objects.” Responds:

    1. Sure, rape will continue to exist as long as men have a P**** and women have a P****.

    But the disturbing aspect in India is the * increasing instances of rape; * acid attacks on women; * Molestation et al.

    Keep in mind that since India is still a highly male-dominated society, the actual attacks on women must be at least 10X what’s officially reported.

    2. You write: hope you will not respond that their is nothing postive to right about india….

    Hope you will post your next comment while sober. In this context, the word is write not right. Right?

    Or maybe you were trying to say that it’s impossible to right the many wrongs in India.

    Yes, we agree with you that there are some positive aspects in every society. Even in our Incredible India.

  2. sugat123   March 21, 2009 at 1:54 pm

    This incident is more shocking.

    The details were published in TOI on 20th March. Please go through the details by accessing related links in TOI. The link is just one excerpt. Responds:

    Are Indian businessmen so stupid that they think such acts will make them prosperous. Hard to believe that.

  3. aditya_k   March 22, 2009 at 3:49 am

    It maybe irrelevant but I couldn’t resist sharing: Responds:

    Very good.

    Let’s hope the Human trials go well.

  4. Vasan   March 23, 2009 at 1:48 am

    You are having problem…you love talking bad…you love hearing bad love to talking bad about india…you love hearing bad news about India…keep repeating it…till you die Responds:

    Why don’t you address the subject of such horrific injustices in India?

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