An Adult Approach to ….

Adult approach?

Oh yeah, we can see all ye priapic desis salivating at the prospect. Yes, from our vantage point we can even see your hands inching down to the zipper and ……

Well, if you think we’re going to be titillating you about 38D, how-to-increase-your length or Sports Illustrated bikini babes, sorry buddy, this is not the post.

We’re here to spread the word about All About Words – An Adult Approach to Vocabulary Building.
All About Words
Over the years, we’ve pored over many English vocabulary books. But we’ve seen nothing like All About Words – An Adult Approach to Vocabulary Building by Maxwell Nurnberg and Morris Rosenblum.

Folks, this is the ne plus ultra of English vocabulary books.

What we like most about All About Words is that this is not kid stuff.

Really interesting words, picked with care and explained with examples from newspapers like New York Times, magazines like Time and other sources so that you understand the context of use.

English words, Latin expressions, French, Spanish, Italian, Hindi, Persian and German words (that are now a part of English), portmanteau words, medical words, number words, suffixes, prefixes  – you have ’em all and more in this must-own 416-page book.

There are plenty of tests spread throughout the book to let you assess your progress (or lack of).

Our Vade Mecum
We made friends with this book back when we were in India.

For several years, it was our vade mecum.

But one day we made the mistake of lending it (we just can’t remember who borrowed it). That was the last we saw of it.

We bitched and moaned about our loss but never purchased another copy, either because we couldn’t find the book again in India or it was too expensive (Although books are generally cheaper in India, some are frightfully expensive. We remember paying Rs 1,100.00 for a new copy of The Age of Voltaire by Will and Ariel Durant some 16 years ago in India. At used book stores in the U.S. or on eBay, you can get the book for less than $4).

Well, the other day as we were idly browsing the web site (owned by eBay), lo and behold who should we see but our long-lost friend All About Words.

And at the wonderful price of 75 cents (yes, the book is in good condition), we didn’t think twice. A price bound to bring a smile to even the most niggardly desi.

Including the postage ($3.49), we paid a grand total of $4.24. A steal, if you ask us.

If improving your English is an idee fixe with you, we doubt you’ll ever find a better book than All About Words – An Adult Approach to Vocabulary Building. strongly recommends All About Words – An Adult Approach to Vocabulary Building.

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  1. sanjaaay12   March 25, 2009 at 10:51 am

    I feel is ne plus ultra of English vocabulary. This blog is my vade mecum 🙂 😉 Responds:


    miles to go before I sleep
    and miles to go before I sleep.

    from Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening by Robert Frost.

    A favorite of Jawaharlal Nehru.

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