Tragedy – No Indian Chicks in Chickipedia Top 100

Folks – Hunger, Ayodhya, Nano, Sanjay Dutt, Varun Gandhi, SoniaJi, Maya Behnji, 8% economic growth, Satyam, Manmohan SinghJi, Ram Sene, Elections et al can wait.

We have a bigger crisis on hand here.

National Humiliation
Today, we are facing a national humiliation on the world stage, the likes of which our glorious Indian civilization has never been confronted with (not even during our colonization by the slimy Brits).

Chickipedia, a Wiki-style database of famous women, today named the Top 100 most searched for women in March on its web site.

And we are so ashamed to tell you that there’s not a single Indian babe on the list. Please pardon us for bringing you this sad tidings.

Grave Tragedy
Depressing, depressing – A nation of 1.2 billion and not one Indian babe on the list.

Now, let’s have two minutes of silence, please, to mourn this ignominious tragedy.

The List
See for yourself. The following are the most searched for women on Chickipedia in March 2009:

1. Megan Fox
2. Kim Kardashian
3. Jessica Alba
4. Pamela Anderson
5. Lucy Pinder
6. Denise Milani
7. Malin Akerman
8. Scarlett Johansson
9. Katy Perry
10. Jenna Jameson
11. Keeley Hazell
12. Emma Watson
13. Jessica Biel
14. Angelina Jolie
15. Hayden Panettiere
16. Jessica Simpson
17. Jennifer Aniston
18. Britney Spears
19. Jennifer Love Hewitt
20. Beyonce
21. Adriana Lima
22. Paris Hilton
23. Salma Hayek
24. Vida Guerra
25. Lindsay Lohan
26. Mila Kunis
27. Taylor Swift
28. Eva Mendes
29. Carmen Electra
30. Elisha Cuthbert
31. Olivia Munn
32. Andressa Soares
33. Rihanna
34. Kate Beckinsale
35. Lady-Gaga
36. Keira Knightley
37. Kristen Stewart
38. Natalie Portman
39. Carla Gugino
40. Marisa Miller
41. Jennifer Lopez
42. Eliza Dushku
43. Summer Glau
44. Vanessa Hudgens
45. Kristen Bell
46. Amanda Bynes
47. Gemma Atkinson
48. Christina Aguilera
49. Monica Bellucci
50. Hilary Duff
51. Heidi Klum
52. Anne Hathaway
53. Halle Berry
54. Rachael Ray
55. Ashley Tisdale
56. Holly Madison
57. Nicole Scherzinger
58. Sara Jean Underwood
59. Lacey Chabert
60. Penelope Cruz
61. Tyra Banks
62. Bar Refaeli
63. Alyssa Milano
64. Diora Baird
65. Mariah Carey
66. Tila Tequila
67. Avril Lavigne
68. Kelly Brook
69. Olga Kurylenko
70. Shakira
71. Eva Longoria Parker
72. Kendra Wilkinson
73. Sarah Chalke
74. Jordana Brewster
75. Blake Lively
76. Jennifer Connelly
77. Olivia Wilde
78. Evangeline Lilly
79. Kaley Cuoco
80. Katie Price
81. Kelly Clarkson
82. Anna Faris
83. Isla Fisher
84. Miranda Kerr
85. Stacy Keibler
86. Charlize Theron
87. Zooey Deschanel
88. Yvonne Strahovski
89. Gisele Bundchen
90. Brooke Burke
91. Cameron Diaz
92. Elizabeth Banks
93. Denise Richards
94. Christine Mendoza
95. Jessica AKA Miss Rabbit
96. Catherine Bell
97. Carrie Underwood
98. Odette Yustman
99. Alessandra Ambrosio
100. Kate Winslet

How do we show our face in public ever again. Sob, sob.

6 Responses to "Tragedy – No Indian Chicks in Chickipedia Top 100"

  1. kreacher   April 1, 2009 at 2:54 pm

    Truly, this site has become the bearer of all ill tidings! I take a pledge here to bump Katrina Kaif up the ratings. Responds:

    You write above: I take a pledge here to bump Katrina Kaif up the ratings.


    You have taken on an onerous responsibility. The Nation’s Honor rests in your hands.

    We’ll be eagerly looking forward to seeing a desi babe on Chickipedia Top 100.

    May the Force be With You.

  2. allwin   April 2, 2009 at 1:16 pm

    The fact is that the Indians have better things to do than doing this chick search! Don’t you have anything better to do or publish? Responds:

    Just curious…what do you think of the Chickipedia babes?

    Although not in the Top 100 list, there are quite a few Indian chicks on Chickipedia with pictures – Asin, Namitha, Nayantara, Shriya Saran, Trisha, Tamanna Bhatia, Genelia, Anushka, Mallika Sherawat, Kareena, Deepika Padukone et al.

    But we think the ‘vital’ measurements for some of them are wrong.

    Enjoy 🙂

  3. the gora   April 4, 2009 at 3:59 am

    I’d never heard of Chickipedia until you posted this. I would be shocked if there weren’t at least 3 Indian babes in the top 100 females searched on Google or Wiki. The fact that Lady-GaGa (or Lady GagGag, which is what you’d do if you ever saw a picture of her, or watched her perform) is #35 and Miley Cyrus/Hannah Montana is not on here shows the flawed nature of the list.

    Presumably Cyrus is absent because she’s not 18 yet and I’m guessing this site promotes legal age women.

    Another flaw in the list was that there did not appear to be any athletes, such as Maria Sharapova, Ana Ivanovic, or Danica Patrick, who get as much attention off the field of play as they do on it. So this site appears far from all-encompassing and is lacking in legitimacy. Responds:

    Drooling over the Serbian babe Ana Ivanovic.

  4. the gora   April 4, 2009 at 10:58 am

    Ivanovic… As Shane Warne would say in a text message, “Yum!” 🙂 Responds:

    Have you seen this – 10 Hottest Foreign Female Tennis Players If you scroll down, you can see the Indian tennis babe Sania Mirza.

    One more from VTennis.

    Here’s another ogle resource of the tennis babes.

  5. I. M. Legend   April 4, 2009 at 11:41 am

    Pam Anderson, Kim K and Jenna J in the top 10.. ewwww..

    Gaggag is ubiquitous.. so is Cyrus.. both ewwwwy.

    I have Sania’s bouncy balls in HD on my DVR from the Aussie open mixed doubles finals ’09.. Will refer to them whenever need arises.. Gone are the days when our fathers used to have a secret stash of porn.. Nowadays, kids, check your father’s DVRs. Pervs would have saved tons of stuff there. Responds:

    1. Wonder if you folks remember Gaby Sabatini?

    2. You write: I have Sania’s bouncy balls in HD on my DVR from the Aussie open mixed doubles finals ’09.. Will refer to them whenever need arises..

    Put em up bouncing balls on YouTube. Sharing makes the world happier. 😉

    Haven’t you heard of cloud computing 😉

    Off-topic: Another shooting…this time in Pittsburgh. 3 Dead.

  6. the gora   April 4, 2009 at 4:39 pm

    Man I saw a pic of Sabatini five or so years ago in some “Where are they Now?” issue of Sports Illustrated and she was listed as being like 40 years old I think. And somehow she looked even hotter than she was in her playing days. Older women. Yum. Steffi Graf too used to look ugly with her big nose when she was playing, but after she retired and married Agassi she somehow started looking kinda decent. Responds:

    We’ve always been believers in the ‘Old is Gold’ principle.

    Gabriela Sabatini, Steffi Graf, Bollywood actress Tabu….ah drooling all over keyboard.

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