America’s Doctors – Greedy Scumbags

We’ve said this on several occasions.

Doctors in the U.S. count among the worst living creatures.

Animals in white coats.

These shameless scumbags will do anything for a few nickels.

The New York Times had an interesting article the other day about how doctors are making it very difficult for injured workers to get medical treatment.

Here’s an excerpt from this fine NYT piece:

The independent exams are designed to flush out workers who exaggerate injuries or get unnecessary care, and there is no question that some of that goes on. As a check on what a worker’s doctor determines, insurers are allowed to order an ostensibly neutral exam by a doctor they select and pay for. They do so regularly, with more than 100,000 exams conducted each year.

But a New York Times review of case files and medical records and interviews with participants indicate that the exam reports are routinely tilted to benefit insurers by minimizing or dismissing injuries.

“You go in and sit there for a few minutes – and out comes a six-page detailed exam that he never did,”said Dr. Stephen M. Levin, co-director of the occupational and environmental medicine unit at Mount Sinai Medical Center, who has been picked as the interim medical director at the compensation board. “There are some noble things you can do in medicine without treating. This ain’t one of them.”

…I was in so much pain and felt so hopeless for so long,” said Carol Houlder, a substance abuse counselor who waited a year for surgery on her injured ankle to be approved. “Doctors see you’re in pain and say you’re not. How do they call themselves doctors?”

4 Responses to "America’s Doctors – Greedy Scumbags"

  1. ordell   April 3, 2009 at 2:24 pm

    I don’t think you honestly believe in the [i]tabloidesque[/i] titles you put up. All US Doctors are scumbags? There could be increasing interest in incest in India?

    You are either very pessimistic – I doubt that
    Unethical – just trying to put up titles which you know will get you more hits, which you shamelessly use to get more ad revenue.
    Either way, grow up! Or atleast put up a disclaimer asking no one to take you seriously. Responds:

    Perhaps, your infantile self is so deluded as to think that all of us share your pea-sized brains and morals.

  2. asdf963   April 3, 2009 at 4:50 pm

    Aaah, what a great profession! Yeah boi, dis is where da real $$$ is at!! …..Beats all those worthless IT coolies who are nothing more than escapists who are too f—ing lazy to work hard and achieve something in life. They just get some crappy degree and get sponsored by some company in US. While SOME people have to go through higher education for 10-12 long and tedious years to be a doctor. Why do we go through these many years to be a doctor? Well,the usual answer would be because we absolutely, positively love the profession!! and want to save lives!!!….ya rite, we can attach any reasons as to why, but the main reason is because of the MONEY in the profession!!! Yes, cold, hard, greed-evoking money!!! Besides we need all the money we can get to pay off those damn graduate school loans and fees.

    Hence,I rather be a greedy, devilish scumbag doctor than a worthless, good-for-nothing IT coolie!!

    P.S. “You and your kind, all you care about is money. This city deserves a better class of criminal. And I’m gonna give it to them!”

    -The Joker (The Dark Knight)

    Nope, the Joker was wrong. We doctors need a lot of money, which makes us “the better class of criminals.”

    Beautiful, ain’t it? Responds:

    We don’t know about your sarcastic self..

    But we think charging $225 for a 10-minute consultation and then failing to send the reports to the referring doctor is not merely plunder but also callous indifference and neglect.

  3. ordell   April 6, 2009 at 11:50 am

    SearchIndia implies: [i]All[/i] other readers agree with him that ALL US Doctors are Greedy Scumbags.

    The only other commenter seems to agree with me. I think the others are afraid of your bullying. I am sure that my ‘All of us’ will vastly outnumber yours.

    Apologize for calling you unethical. You apparentely have had bad experience with doctors.

    I agree that your doctor (or his/her admin) should be chastised. But that doesn’t mean you can blurt out that [i]Doctors in the U.S. count among the worst living creatures.[/i] — How I use italics here — escpecially after claiming that you are an ‘Objective’ source. The whole healthcare system has to be blamed. The public has to be blamed for voting such a government into power. Accusing the doctors is irresponsible. Responds:

    1. You write: Accusing the doctors is irresponsible.

    You refuse to address the doctors’ egregious conduct in the NYT piece. Strange.

    We stand by our post that doctors here are callous, greedy swines – Shameless Scumbags.

    Bottomline, not accusing the U.S. doctors would be irresponsible.

    Their callous greed is a key reason why the healthcare system in our country (U.S.) is a mess. The last time we checked, 75 million people were either uninsured or underinsured.

    Besides the NYT piece we referred to above, there are several other examples of their pathological greed – starting imaging centers to refer their patients to these centers to boost their income, medicare/medicaid fraud, cozy relationship with pharma companies, gifts and junkets from pharma companies, publishing articles in academic journals without disclosing conflict of interest.

    All of these examples of abusive behavior by doctors in the U.S. are well documented. If you’ve heard of Google, you can find them easily.

    (True, as you imply there are other villains too – health insurance companies, pharmaceutical firms and hospitals).

    2. You write: I think the others are afraid of your bullying

    If anyone here is doing the bullying, it’s our high-testosterone readers and far too often poor us is at the receiving end. 🙁

  4. Faith87   May 25, 2009 at 7:57 am

    One week after my health coverage expired, I suffered from some strange and painful symptoms…went through five doctors who each proceeded to diagnose me with ridiculous things that were clearly not the case. By the time I reached doctor number four, they claimed I had underlying anxiety and behavioral problems. $12,000 later and the best advice recieved thus was, “Drink two gatorades. Patient is dehydrated.” – Not to mention, five months later I’m still suffering from involuntarily throat closure (leading to near blackouts), seizures, and tremors.

    This is cruel. The poor and the rich can afford to be treated, but a good share of the middle class is left battling their cancers, diseases, and ailments on their own.
    Not to mention, not so long ago I read a story about a man who was denied health insurance because of a pre-existing kidney cancer, and how he died a slow and agonizing death at home because he couldn’t afford medical bills and naturally wanted to be able to leave his wife their home.

    *sigh Responds:

    As we’ve said before, denial of affordable healthcare to Americans is nothing but genocide.

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