Got Herpes? You’ve Got Some Dating Relief Now

Many summers ago, we read an article in Time about Herpes.

The crux of the Time piece was – You can’t kill it. It can’t kill you.

Not much has changed since. Herpes (including genital herpes) still doesn’t have a cure.

According to Wiki: Herpes Simplex Virus is transmitted during close contact with an infected person who is shedding virus from the skin, in saliva or in secretions from the genitals.

Although we can’t speak from experience (really), we understand Herpes is a painful and contagious disease involving sores and all.

Some Relief
But now some relief for those with HSV2 (Herpes) comes in the form of a new dating web site

Twocan’s promoters claim the web site is:

the first and only dating site created exclusively to help millions of people with HSV2 (herpes).

All we can say is Good Luck.

After all, if anyone needs some relief it’s those with Herpes.

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