Nokia – Down, Down and Down

Nokia released its first quarter results today. And the key metrics are all down.

Here are some interesting down, down, down statistics from Nokia’s First Quarter results:

* Nokia Operating Profits Down 96% year-over-year
* Nokia Sales Down 27%
* Nokia Earnings Per Share Down 91%
* Nokia Mobile Device Volumes Down 19%
* Nokia Mobile Device Market share Down to 37% from 39% a year ago

Folks, we are in for a long recession or worse, even a long depression.

Hang on to that old Nokia phone with a million scratches and don’t even think of buying a new one.

One Response to "Nokia – Down, Down and Down"

  1. Asha Tampa   April 18, 2009 at 7:23 pm

    But how’s this possible, when every other person operates a Nokia handset? Responds:

    Many reasons…

    * People are not replacing their phones these days as frequently as before because of the troubled economic times
    * Nokia is not that big in the U.S., a very big market
    * Nokia’s share in smartphones (a fast-growing category) is not impressive and losing ground
    * Apple has all buzz and the mindshare in the U.S. with its iPhone and increasing its marketshare in the smartphone category

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