LTTE Begs for Ceasefire; Crush the Terrorists

Facing annihilation at the hands of the Sri Lankan Army, the few remnants of the LTTE terrorists are reduced to begging for a ceasefire.

After the Sri Lankan government rightly rejected LTTE’s desperate cries for a ceasefire, the LTTE terrorists are now begging the international community for help.

In a statement, the LTTE’s head of international relations Selvaraja Pathmanathan said Friday:

We assure the International Community that the LTTE is ready to participate in political negotiations and fight to meet the political aspirations of the Tamil nation at the negotiating table through political means if an immediate and permanent ceasefire is ensured

In what can only be described as utter nonsense given the LTTE’s violent past, Pathmanathan said:

Resolving the conflict through war will not bring stability in Sri Lanka or in the region

Folks, let us not be deluded by the cries of a few terrorists in the face of defeat.

Crush the murderers of the late Indian Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi (killed by a LTTE human bomb in May 1991).

Time now to arrest LTTE leader Velupillai Prabhakaran and extradite him to India to face trial for Rajiv’s assassination.

8 Responses to "LTTE Begs for Ceasefire; Crush the Terrorists"

  1. kasimedugovindan   April 18, 2009 at 9:46 pm

    avanugala crush panradhu irakuatum
    unna enna panradhu
    we must crush you by putting you in a ricemill machine Responds:

    Ada, poda/podi dandasoru. Nee oru waste (worthless scum). 😉

  2. kelambu_kaathu   April 19, 2009 at 6:28 am

    macha nee nammalu 🙂

    Dont get excited. I told kasimedugovindan. Responds:

    Korangus of the world unite. You have nothing to lose but your tails. 😉

    (Inspired by the Communist Manifesto of Marx and Engels)

  3. SRINIVAS   April 20, 2009 at 2:30 am

    the fact here is that ….its not only about LTTE or Prabhakaran …..but a organisation .. a force …without which Tamils cannot hope for Justice in Sri Lanka …..under a sinhala domoinated govt

    Hence its in the interest of Tamils that LTTE is alive …kicking and becomes powerful once again ….. Responds:

    You write: in the interest of Tamils that LTTE is alive …kicking and becomes powerful once again …..

    Thank God. The LTTE is not in a position to kick anyone anymore…can only receive kicks.

  4. joeantony   April 20, 2009 at 6:31 am

    What is victory?

    If you think, taking years to crush the few thousands of ‘terrorists’ with the power of world approval, frienship of mighty powers, aided weapons… funny.

    Whole world is doing a mistake here, by allowing the sinhalese to ‘crush’ the ‘terrorists’ the world is going to see the largest human massacare after world war. Eyewitness from mullaitivu saying there are nearly 150000 civilians trapped there, the government says there could not be more than 40000 civilians… you know why they want to kill the rest, these 40000 will be old people who will not be able to fight or reproduce, and thus eradicating the race in the island.

    If the ‘terrorists’ are ready for talks, why the so called ‘democratic’ , ‘civalized’ government want to ‘crush’ and risk the lives of thousands?…. does this make any sense…? who is the terrorist here. Responds:

    1. Yes, 26 years is definitely a long time.

    But let’s not forget the LTTE got considerable support from India and the Tamil diaspora for a long time.

    2. The LTTE’s call for talks now is nothing but a ploy to forestall certain defeat.

    3. Latest reports say some 35,000 civilians have escaped from the LTTE.

  5. SRINIVAS   April 21, 2009 at 2:52 am

    India has always used limited force in all areas where there has been insurgency or terrorist activities including Kashmir …In Punjab Akali Dal is now in power …..In Kashmir Hurriyat now has a guy who is going to stand for elections ….that’s after boycotting it for a long time …..North Eastern States had issues ….now they want to stay with India …..this after they saw what thier supporter …China is doing to Tibetans ….and how India treats its citizens / insurgents ……

    down south DMK wanted to secede …..but now its different …..

    the point here is very simple ….India uses minimum force and also simultaneously works for a political solution …..the reason here is very simple ……they are our people and using too much force will close all doors …

    In SL there can be no such solution …..the racist Sinhala govt is very clear …that Tamils as a race should be annhilated by all means …bombing ..starvation …rapes …forced labour etc …Hence a seperate state is the only solution to this issue Responds:

    1. You write: India uses minimum force and also simultaneously works for a political solution

    Our Indian friends (Christians, living in the U.S.) say they feel very insecure when they visit India these days.

    2. You write: In SL there can be no such solution ….Hence a seperate state is the only solution to this issue

    Unlikely to happen now (we mean a separate state). Three reasons:

    * LTTE’s biggest strategic blunder was to kill Rajiv Gandhi
    * Donor fatigue among Tamil diaspora
    * Sri Lankan Army has recouped its strength and its weaponry

  6. SRINIVAS   April 22, 2009 at 1:51 am

    christians who convert and those who send funds to aid such activities must feel insecure …that’s perfectly alright …

    Orrisa’s Kandhamal Region as per Govt records has only two christians ….yes …only two ….rest have registered as Hindus …….This is much before the current riots and not a result of what happened ….Registering as a Hindu SC/ST means …get govt Benefits on the SLY ….this is the root cause of this violence ….

    about SL ..lets see …you are right …it looks a remote possibility now ….but everything depends on what the SL govt does ………Their track record shows that …..they will be instrumental in creating one more LTTE

  7. Aswin_Kini   April 22, 2009 at 2:28 am

    Hi Buddy, tell your friends that they would be very much secure in Tamilnadu! THe place where the majority gets bashed by almost each and every party. By the way, please ask the EVANGELISTS to get out of here, we Indians(Includes Hindus, Muslims, and Christians) can do much better without Extremist Hindu Groups or the so-called servants of GOD, THE EVANGELISTS.

    These so-called sons of Jesus now promise money, abuse other religions and create unrest among the communities to CONVERT people. They rival even the SHIV SENA in creating communal tension. Pardon me if I hurt anybody, extremism is a strict no-no no matter which religion you belong to. If the SHiva Sena on one side does ugly things to create rift between the communities, the evangelists are not far behind.

    Will somebody throw these Jihadis, Senas, and Evangelists out of this country please, we would like to stay in peace!
    With nearly 801 castes, 3 major religions and 3 minor religions, we already have a hard time maintaining ourselves, please don’t give us additional burden.

    Sorry for writing this buddy, I don’t wannna hurt people, but when there is so much communal tension now-a-days, I wanna let both sides-The Majority and Minority to know that we must learn to “Live and LET LIVE peacefully”. NObody has the right to abuse another person’s religion or forcibly convert anybody. Hope sense prevails in India. Responds:

    You write above: NObody has the right to abuse another person’s religion or forcibly convert anybody. Hope sense prevails in India.

    1. Sense prevail in India? now, that’s the acme of optimism.

    2. In Tamil Nadu, even the atheists have their favorite gods.

    MGR had the Mookambika temple in Karnataka and other Dravidian Party leaders in the states are also rumored to be devout followers of various gods.

  8. SRINIVAS   April 28, 2009 at 1:13 am

    secularism in India means –

    Sons of Jesus are literally banned from preaching, converting and even subjected to Physical abuse in states like Kashmir by the Other Minority – Muslims who follow ISlam – Religion of Peace ….. Not a word about that …..its ok for a minority to indulge in that sort of a behaviour in India ….

    And when it comes to Hindus – …..we dont convert ….consitituiton gives us the right to preach …we are only doing good work ….and what not ….they should all be sent to KAshmir to do all that good work ..

    Automatically peace will prevail in other parts of India

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