Sun Idiots Find a Savior, At Last

The bozos at Sun have at last managed to find someone to put them out of their misery after the smart folks at IBM bailed out a few weeks back.

Database giant Oracle is buying Sun for $5.6 billion (after accounting for Sun’s debt and cash).

We think Oracle overpaid by $5.6 billion. The deal is expected to close this summer.

Folks, do you remember what happened when Oracle CEO Larry Ellison tried his hand at the Network Computer hardware device in the late 1990s. The NC sucker was a dud.

History will repeat itself. Oracle does not have the experience of selling the big hardware boxes. At least, not in a long while. And certainly not in an age when cloud computing is the mantra on every CIO’s lips.

As recently as 2003, Ellison was telling the world it would be a bad idea to buy Sun.

So, what’s Ellison’s excuse now for plonking down $5.6 billion on a bad idea:

The acquisition of Sun transforms the IT industry, combining best-in-class enterprise software and mission-critical computing systems. Oracle will be the only company that can engineer an integrated system – applications to disk – where all the pieces fit and work together so customers do not have to do it themselves. Our customers benefit as their systems integration costs go down while system performance, reliability and security go up.

Hooey. What is Ellison smoking. Whatever it is, we’d like some of that weed too.

Seriously, come on who’d want to buy the Sun server junk. Think we’re joking? Look at Sun’s server marketshare. Pitiful. 

Hey, what do you think will happen to the MySQL database that Sun acquired 15 months ago.

In any case, another few thousand Sun employees will most likely be roadkill soon. Don’t shed any tears for them because going by Sun’s dismal performance of the last few years, those employees were not worth much anyway.

Since the dot com bust, the clueless dodos at Sun (co-founded by Vinod Khosla in 1982) have been tottering their way to losses and more losses and significant erosion of shareholder value.

4 Responses to "Sun Idiots Find a Savior, At Last"

  1. shadowfax_arbit   April 21, 2009 at 5:09 am

    Why do you talk about Sun? All you can do is look at the pictures of their server boxes and think that they are big and so, bad. The work they have done on Java and Linux is unbelievable. You may not know what is Java given that they cannot show you pictures of Java boxes. If you are Zarro(u wont get i know) in technical stuff, stop writing technical posts.

    Infact Oracle is not worth a company to buy Sun. Atleast it is justified if IBM had bought it. Responds:

    We’ve forgotten more about IT than you’ll ever know in a lifetime.

    We came with the Eniac (now, go and google that). 😉

    The mainframe era, midrange, minis, workstations, desktops and the handhelds – we’ve seen all that and more.

    So many of the companies (and their products) we’re familiar with like DEC, Tandem, Compaq, Cray, Gupta et al don’ even exist any more. Scoot, now.

  2. shadowfax_arbit   April 21, 2009 at 10:06 am

    With all those knowledge you have portrayed, you are only capable of cracking some quiz competition. Still it doesn’t qualify you enough to talk about Java etc. No big deal in using all the gadgets, have you devised any? Dont tell me Eniac…. Responds:

    Just because we write about Ayan, Aegan or Kuruvi does not mean IT is foreign to us.

  3. shadowfax_arbit   April 21, 2009 at 10:28 am

    You never sound geeky, so I thought you must be a lit guy not into technical stuff. May be you are not a nerd… Like Ayan Surya eh? 😉 Responds:

    You could describe us as a polymath (now that’s a new word for you). 😉

  4. shadowfax_arbit   April 21, 2009 at 10:36 am

    Adding technical flavour to this post, you might have seen this.

    Though it is just an integration of existing technologies, I found it amusing in the way it was integrated.

    On posting this comment, I’ve ensured you can never accuse me of making pointless discussion… 😉 Responds:

    You write above: you can never accuse me of making pointless discussion

    A Princeton Professor is said to have theorized that “a blindfolded monkey throwing darts at a newspaper’s financial pages could select a portfolio that would do just as well as one carefully selected by experts.”

    So if you keep commenting, eventually you’re bound to type something sensible. 😉

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