America’s Dirty Little Secret

A new survey released today by Kaiser Family Foundation offers more depressing health care news – six out of ten respondents said their family has delayed or skipped medical care in the past year due to cost reasons.

The survey finds that the most common actions taken by people because of the cost constraints are substituting home remedies or over-the-counter drugs for doctors visits (42%) and skipping dental care or check ups (36%). In addition, three in ten (29%) did not fill a prescription for medicine and two in ten (18%) cut pills in half or skipped doses.

We think these numbers are gross underestimates. But you do get the picture.

America’s Dirty Little Secret

There’s a dirty little secret in America that no one wants to talk about because it’s so shameful – People are dying all across America every day because of their inability to access affordable healthcare.

You won’t find any surveys or statistics on this horrible phenomenon but the countless deaths of faceless people is the depressing reality that these ostrich elites, with their heads in the sand, pretend is just not happening.

When 50 million Americans don’t have access to healthcare and another 25 million have only limited access to healthcare, there can be only one outcome – people must be quietly dying every day in the ones and twos in the big cities like Los Angeles and New York as well as in smaller places like Gary (Indiana) and Baton Rouge (Louisiana).

Put all these deaths together and you have tens of thousands of lives lost. A dirty secret America refuses to acknowledge.

No Kidding

Don’t let the scoundrels fool you that emergency rooms in American hospitals are bound by law to treat patients. As anyone who’s ever had the unfortunate experience of visiting an emergency room in the U.S. knows, that is utter nonsense.

Even when you have health insurance, America’s emergency rooms are a crazy Orwellian nightmare.

American Doctors – Scumbags

We’ve said this a million times.

American doctors and their accomplices in crime the hospitals, insurance companies and pharmaceutical firms are the greediest swines to walk on this planet and together they deny the most basic right of human beings – the right to live.

America’s scumbag doctors charge the poor more than they charge the rich (who usually have insurance). It’s not uncommon for the uninsured to pay much, much more to doctors and receive much, much less service from these scumbags.

As we’ve said in the past, doctors charge the uninsured as much or $220 or more for a mere 10-minute examination. Any delay in payment of the shylock doctor’s bill leads to damage to the poor patient’s credit history because the unpaid bills are handed over to a collection agency to harass the patients.

Ever heard of an insurance system where they refuse enrolment because you already have some disease like heart problem, diabetes or some other ailment (they call this nonsense denial of coverage for pre-existing conditions).

Worst of all are those so-called non-profit hospitals that are a stain on morality.

God knows what deadly contagious diseases lurk undetected in America because people can’t afford to go to a doctor.

Opposition Building

As President Obama starts making attempts to extend healthcare to a wider swathe of the country, resistance is building up and the scumbag trinity of doctors, hospitals and insurance companies are already working behind the scenes to sabotage the reforms.

If health care is not extended to all Americans as a right soon, America will eventually pay a heavy price for this cruel treatment of its citizens when a preventable catastrophic outbreak of a deadly disease occurs.

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8 Responses to "America’s Dirty Little Secret"

  1. allwin   April 24, 2009 at 7:08 am

    enna …englishla venuma…neeye oru vetty blogger [trash talk].. Responds:

    There’s no free lunch in the world, buddy. But how would a simpleton like you understand that.

  2. ashamed to be american   April 24, 2009 at 11:36 pm

    Article above is accurate.

    In fact it is far worse. USA does not care if you live, if you are poor. Being poor is dangerous in a greedy society, solely based on Capitlism. If a person does not have money to support the economy they are worth more dead -no longer a “liabilty”. It is that simple.

    Also, there will be no govenment health reform. It is a ruse sponsered by corporate insurance companies to make even more money. American government and Wall Street are the same thing. We are not a Democratic nation. Responds:

    With the evisceration of the Middde Class, America is now a plutocracy.

  3. ashamed to be american   April 24, 2009 at 11:50 pm

    I am of the opinion that the USA has always been a plutocracy. It feeds upon the middle class. That is why
    these greedy jerks are placating the masses with promises of health reform, job proliferation and economic recovery. It is truly pathetic. Responds:

    You write above: these greedy jerks are placating the masses with promises of health reform, job proliferation and economic recovery

    Unless the administration moves swiftly on the above issues, it may be impossible to recover from the current nightmare.

  4. ashamed to be american   April 25, 2009 at 12:40 am

    Good point.

    US middle class economy is collapsing. American media does not report “main street” reality. Only available on-line (for now…)

    We’re in the embryonic stages of the nightmare.
    -no swift way out.

    Sets the stage for fascinating speculation regarding shifting alliance and ascending empires! Responds:

    You write above: Sets the stage for fascinating speculation regarding shifting alliance and ascending empires!

    We’ve just started reading George Friedman’s The Next 100 Years. Let’s see what he has to say.

  5. ashamed to be american   April 25, 2009 at 2:46 am

    -appreciate the book comment. -will persue with great interest. -has been a pleasure discussing. Responds:

    Will try to finish the book quickly and review it here.

  6. Aswin_Kini   April 25, 2009 at 5:07 am

    I am shocked to see that this is happening in USA!!!!! Hope Obama brings in new policies to rein in these greedy swines. Responds:

    We hope so too but we’re not optimistic. The forces arrayed against him are powerful and the President is not as powerful as we think he/she is.

  7. allwin   April 26, 2009 at 10:06 pm


  8. hihihihi   April 28, 2009 at 6:57 pm

    You are all soooo dumb we are a good country!!!! The home less are gone because of one person, BUSH!!!!!!!!!!!
    And we try to help the homeless you stupid wierdos!!!! Responds:

    Schmuck, when you call someone a weirdo, the least you can do is to get the spelling of weirdo right.

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