Does Size Really Matter? Or Does Size Really Matter Only to Spammers?

Just in the last few hours, we’ve received a ton of spam.

Most of the spam in our mail-box focus on only one theme – Size Matters.

Here’s a sample of the many variations on the same topic culled from the ‘subject lines’ of our spam:

* You can wear your swimming trunks like a crown
* Women are put off by the sight of a dwarf hook
* Want to have a stunning look for a sophisticated party?
* Lion power in bedroom
* Find out the secrets of length-boosting of your little instrument
* Change your stick from weak to thick
* Hold the enormous manfullness in your pants
* Classic of men’s success
* Take this smart and helpful guide to fantastic male pride
* Be the Bigger Man
* Make your rod staying!
* Bigger means better when you are talking about the thing in your pants

* Women love enormous tool and believe us – that’s the rule
* Always Dreamed of Being Bigger
* Do the pleasant things which are possible only with a big tool
* If she needs it longer
* Free Penis trial
* Be The Best You can Be Make Her Scream
* Need more powers to make her satisfied? Take this love potion and drill her for
* We got everything you need to make night unforgettable!
* Immediate hot rod’s reaction
* For best amorous adventures

By the way, what are the interesting subject lines in your spam? No BS, please.

And before we forget, does size matter to Indians too?

5 Responses to "Does Size Really Matter? Or Does Size Really Matter Only to Spammers?"

  1. joeantony   April 29, 2009 at 1:09 am

    true, 99% of the spams are about ‘helping’ male in sex… let it be viagra, enlargment drug/surgery/therapy or longevity stuff… but all for male only…mmm interesting. I think males are defaultly having a ‘non satisfactory’ fact in their genes, so they feel that it could be more pleasure but I haven’t yet got there… (I myself always have this feel πŸ™‚ ) so these kinda ads are famous…

    Indians…? they are still with ‘Sittukurvi legiams’ (a traditional herbal medicene for boosting)… btw, without such sophisticated stuff these indian men are already breeding like pigs… why would you want them to boost…. Responds:

    Until large numbers from the fair sex respond that ‘size really matters’ we guess these e-mails will continue to remain in the spam folder.

  2. What_if   April 29, 2009 at 5:01 am

    Size does seem to matter only to the spammers. In the netvironment we live in, borders don’t exist in the net and these spammers seem to have a field day – entering every mail box from the US to Usalampatti.

    The guys/ gals sitting out there are dishing out new subject lines – day in and day out – to beat every service provider’s block and every spam filter installed in the PCs.

    Spotted some subject lines different than the ones you posted – in my Junk E-mail box, which read as ‘Break those chains that have forged your manhood’, ‘Achieve a bigger member to give her a night to remembe’ 
    (as you said no BS – for your ref. only – not for publishing mail was from – [deleted as per commenter’s request], we don’t have to promote them here, do we? )

    Wonder if anyone really does bite into their bait and gets hooked.

    These spammers are the modern variety of the roadside fly-by-day operators in India (moving from one location/town to another on a daily basis) trying to sell their ‘Madana Shakthi Leghiama’ to the gullible – by displaying those myriad roots and seeds in their bottles and giving a sales talk to make all those gathered around to feel as if they aren’t Real Men.

    When the depth to be explored is said to be four to four-n-half inches and the width one to two inches, does size really matter? I don’t think so.
    It’s a myth and it’s the most undisclosed fallacious fear of flirtatious men- that size does matter. It shouldn’t be a matter for ‘Eka Patni Viradan’ btw are there any of these species still left in the cities?.

    They say ‘Andavan Attukum alandhu vachirikkan Vaalu’ ( God has kept the Goat’s tail, as it deems fit), you can use your imagination and read the same as “Manithanukkum alandhu ….. Responds:

    Nice response. πŸ™‚

    We remember reading recently that much of the spam originates from the U.S. Given the nature of the culture here, it’s most likely true.

  3. Raju   April 29, 2009 at 8:52 am

    As per my understanding, fingers (used in conjunction with the tongue) are usually more effective than the biggest of tools.. right, Beni?

    tool needn’t be idling when the fingers and tongue are busy.. it can be inserted into a different (and more interactive) pouch up north. Responds:

    We have yet to see any spam for extending length of fingers and tongue.

    Most likely, the Tamil spammers are working on that. πŸ˜‰

    Wonder how many SI readers know the MGR airport ‘tongue’ joke (about what the Makkal Thilagam encounters when he lands in Chennai following his medical treatment in the U.S.)

  4. What_if   April 29, 2009 at 12:20 pm

    The key word US was omitted in my previous post.

    btw are there any of these species (Eka Patni Viradans) still left in the US cities? or have they become extinct ? Responds:

    Hard to say.

    We don’t know too many Whites (or Blacks for that matter) intimately.

  5. boopalanj   April 30, 2009 at 2:48 pm

    Does not matter technically speaking about Depth, G-Spot, BlogSpot and all that jazz..

    But your post just reminded me of a joke [probably a western import].. Pakistan was short of Condoms and it decided to place an order for importing it from India. They just wanted to show Indians how ‘big’ they are. They placed an order for millions of Condoms – of the size – 16 inches long and 4 inches wide.

    On the day of delivery, boxes were taken down from ship-containers. They opened it and inspected the size, all perfect. They astonished to see a tag in each condom which read: “Made In India: Size – Small”. Responds:

    Nice one. πŸ™‚

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