Reddy’s Promises to Prettify Ugly Indian Faces


To all ye schmucks who think that Indian babes are the prettiest sight on Planet Earth, let’s disabuse you of such fanciful notions.

Folks, take it from us – there’s no uglier sight than an acne-marked desi face. Only a red-bottomed monkey comes anywhere close.

Some Relief for Sore Eyes

Anji Reddy’s Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories has launched an anti-acne formulation Nexret in India.

Nexret is said to be based on microsphere technology (provides controlled delivery of drug) developed internally at Hyderabad-based Dr. Reddy’s.


Dr. Reddy’s describes Nexret as a next generation anti-acne formulation made from a proprietary non-porous microsphere technology, supposedly an unique technology minimizing irritation associated with drugs like Tretinoin and providing controlled delivery of drug to the skin.

Apparently, patent applications have been filed in seven countries but the company’s representatives in the U.S. are hush hush on the countries. When we have some time, we’ll do a search on the USPTO database and let you know what we find.

Nexret is available in gel formulation and in pack size of 15 gms.


Nexret is available in two strengths. The 0.04% version costs Rs 115 (15gm unit) while the higher strength 0.1% version is priced at Rs 175.

The anti-acne market in India is estimated at about Rs 130 crores and growing at the rate of about 14%, says Dr.Reddy’s citing market researcher ORG.

Only in India?

Dr.Reddy’s representatives in the U.S. are acting coy on whether Nexret would make it to the states.

“As of right now, we are selling it only in India,” said Milan Kalawadia, Associate Director, Dr.Reddy’s (North America).

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