Madras Regiment Celebrates 250th Birthday

Although we are Quakers by temperament, there are occasional lapses when our patriotic fervor gets the better of us.

Like over the 250th anniversary celebrations of the Madras Regiment, one of the oldest regiment of the Indian Army, that took place at Madras Regimental Centre in Wellington from May 4-6, 2009.

Dating back to 4 Dec, 1758 when two battalions were raised by the 33-year-old Robert Clive, Madras Battalions were among the first to be deployed during World War I and II where they are said to have made a significant contribution.

First raised as 36 Madras Battalion at Thanjavur in 1794, the Madras Regiment Centre moved to Wellington in Feb 1947 and occupied Wellington barracks (subsequently renamed Shrinagesh Barracks in 1964 in honour of Gen S.M. Shrinagesh, the first Indian Colonel of the Regiment).

Post Independence, the regiment saw active action in the 1947-48 J&K Operations and earned the Battle Honours of Tithwal and Poonch.

The regiment also participated in the Indo–Pak conflicts of 1965 and 1971 where its battalions earned credit through their stellar role.

Madras Regiment stands proud today with 44 Battle honours, 14 Theatre honours, 7 COAS and 14 GOC-in-C appreciations to its credit.

Outside the battle grounds, the Regiment has done well on the sports field winning the Durand Cup in 1955 and 1958, two bronze medals in the World Military Games and several medals in other national and international events.

Major General P.G. Kamath, Colonel of the Madras Regiment, released a logo for the 250th anniversary celebrations.

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