Alas. No More ‘Cum and Get Me’ Ads on Craigslist?

What a shame. 😉

Popular classifieds site Craigslist is putting an end to its Erotic Services ads under pressure from law enforcement authorities.

In its place, an Adults section will come up where the ads have to be manually approved by Craigslist staff.

As all but the complete imbeciles know, those Craigslist Erotic Services ads were nothing but a way for hookers to make a living.

Does this means that all those deliciously readable W4M, M4W, W4W, M4M, T4M and other ad variations will soon become history? Only time will tell.

Here are some of the interesting ads we found on Craigslist Erotic Services:

* Cum and Get Me
* Sweets from the sweetest
* Mindblowing (you do know what’s going to get blown, right?)
* D R I P P ‘ N – W E T – N – L O N E L Y
* Chocolate covered strawberry’s
* All natural playmate
* Real life barbie $75$ special
* I can play alone, but it’s better if your here!!!!new here
* 99 diamonds for this jamicain babydoll
* Looking for a dirty little cutie

The pressure mounted on Craigslist after a masseuse who advertised her services on the site was murdered recently in Boston.

So, should we stop making cars because a car accident killed or injured some poor soul in Timbuktu. What rubbish.

Why don’t we start with gun control instead of going after the income of some poor hookers. By the way, we are for legalization of both pot and prostitution.

Here’s what Craigslist CEO Jim Buckmaster had to say on his blog today:

As of today for all US craigslist sites, postings to the “erotic services” category will no longer be accepted, and in 7 days the category will be removed.

Also effective today for all US sites, a new category entitled “adult services” will be opened for postings by legal adult service providers. Each posting to this new category will be manually reviewed before appearing on the site, to ensure compliance with craigslist posting guidelines and terms of use. New postings will cost $10, but once approved, will be eligible for reposting at $5.

Unsurprisingly, but completely contrary to some of the sensationalistic journalism we’ve seen these past few weeks, the record is clear that use of craigslist classifieds is associated with far lower rates of violent crime than print classifieds, let alone rates of violent crime pertaining to American society as a whole.

What do ya think? Don’t hookers have a right to a livelihood and a right to advertise their services.

One Response to "Alas. No More ‘Cum and Get Me’ Ads on Craigslist?"

  1. IAmAnIdiot   May 14, 2009 at 10:23 am

    very important concern of yours that hookers must be allowed to their businesss by online ads! then why don’t u help them to put their free ads here? [trash talk] Responds:

    You write above: why don’t u help them to put their free ads here?

    Go ahead, send us your details, preferences and rates. We might consider offering you a free ad.

    BTW, what is your preference – T4M or T4T? (T stands for transvestite but you already knew that, didn’t you.) 😉

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