Incredible India 26; Average Indian Income: $66/Month

Time for another edition of Incredible India.

* 62 years after the Brits said good riddance to their largest colony and packed their bags, the average monthly income for an Indian is $66 (Rs 3,116).

According to the numbers put out by the country’s Central Statistical Organisation today, India has a per capita income of about $794 (about Rs 37,490 for 12 months), This figure is at currrent prices for 2008-2009.

By the way, we must add for the benefit of some of our schmuck readers that the per capita income is for a full year (here, read more about per capita income here). So, that’s $794 for a full year.

Pathetic. Just pathetic.

Alas, when you look at the per capita income at constant prices (i.e. at 1999-2000 prices) during 2008-09, the figure drops to a pitiful Rs. 25,494 ($540). Try living on $540 for a full year, even in India.

Per capita income, of course, hides the income disparities within the country.

So, when you look at the enormous income disparities in India where some rascals build billion dollar homes while millions around them live in the gutters and where some feast on caviar while others die of starvation, the grim picture for 500 million-700 million Indians is one of unalloyed misery.

* The Uttar Pradesh State Medico Legal Cell office at Aishbagh in Lucknow has more than 500 dead bodies (some dating back to the 1970s) awaiting disposal. No kidding. Read this excerpt:

[I]n the absence of any legal provision for their disposal and shocking apathy of the state police, the SMLC cannot do away with these human remains which have piled up to the extent that the cell stopped accepting any more cases way back in 1999.

* Who says Indian police constables are a poor lot. Here read this excerpt from a DNA story:

[M]ore than Rs25 lakh of the looted money, three country-made pistols and one revolver were recovered from the house of the police constable in Mumbai. Also,three dacoits were arrested from his house.

Did we hear anyone say Mera Bharat Mahaan.

4 Responses to "Incredible India 26; Average Indian Income: $66/Month"

  1. ShikhariShambhu   May 29, 2009 at 6:13 pm

    mera Bharat mahaan.
    mera Bharat mahaan.
    mera Bharat mahaan. Responds:

    Why try to be what you are not.

    BTW, we liked Funny Games a lot.

    Director Michael Haneke (also the writer) deserves kudos for the way he ups the ante slowly for the vacationing family members George, Ann and Georgie.

    We’ll update the post later. Surprised the movie didn’t do well at the U.S. box office. Wonder why?

  2. crsathish   May 30, 2009 at 11:04 am

    idha paarunga… Responds:

    Not surprised over the huge amount of black money in India. But the figure of $1.4 trillion seems over the top. BTW, why would the Swiss bankers disclose deposit details that would jeopardize their business.

    Pl see this story: Huge increase in the assets of re-contesting MPs

  3. SRINIVAS   June 5, 2009 at 2:22 am

    People have great faith in Gandhi’s (Benchmark for sacrifices made to protect the county) and Manmohan (Economist / Man of Integrity) Blah blah ….

    so hopefully there will be a repeat of the last five yrs performance the average income will rise from 66 to 66.00 …accompanied by price rise / inflation and layoffs … Responds:

    Our prediction is that Manmohan Singh will not complete his term and Rahul Gandhi will become Prime Minister before five years. And then things will probably get worse because the kid has no administrative experience nor has he shown any signs of intelligence.

  4. SRINIVAS   June 5, 2009 at 2:25 am

    why would the Swiss bankers disclose deposit details that would jeopardize their business.

    in the last five yrs few countries have got details and freezed accounts and got their money back …since its believed that the money is also used for terrorism ….India has not pursued it …..will not really do so this time also ….so nothing will come out of it ..

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