Amazing America 1 – Rape, the American Way

If rape is inevitable, lie back and enjoy it, Confucious is reported to have said.

Since we were not there, we can’t vouch for the authenticity of what Confucious may or may not have said on the matter of spreading one’s legs.

But we can most definitely certify to the authenticity of one of the largest instances of gang rape in history – the brutal rape of Americans by the unholy quartet of rapacious doctors, mercenary pharma companies, callous hospitals and murderous insurance firms.

Together, this quartet has brutally raped Americans like no one before and most likely no one after.

And the toll is heavy – Millions dead and tens of millions suffering in pain and agony (and if you believe the health-care industry fiction that people are getting wonderful treatment in emergency rooms, then we have a bridge we want to sell you).

Here’s a concrete example of the horrific rape that uninsured American citizens endure every day through the pricing of a simple eye-drops bottle called Cosopt that U.S. doctors prescribe for treating eye pressure:

* Sam’s Club, USA – Cosopt: $121.48 for 10ml bottle
Total Treatment Cost = $850.00 if purchased in USA (Even more expensive in regular U.S. drug stores)

* Online Canadian pharmacy – Cosopt Generic Equivalent: $32.67 (10ml)
Total Treatment Cost = $228.69 if purchased from Canada

* India retail drug store – Cosopt Generic Equivalent: $10 (10ml)
Total Treatment Cost = $70.00 if purchased from India

Multiply the above Cosopt example a million times a day and you get a sense of the magnitude of the horrific rape endured by 75 million uninsured and underinsured Americans every day.

Folks, the battle by the scumbags (American doctors, hospitals pharma companies and insurance firms) has already started in a big way in a malicious effort to to deny any kind of affordable healthcare coverage to Americans.

Just turn on your TV and you can see the pigs (the healthcare lobbyists) mouthing off nonstop nonsense.

Obama faces the mother of all battles as he battles vested interests to provide affordable healthcare to all Americans.

May the force be with him.

Oh, just in case you didn’t know majority of bankruptcies in the U.S. are caused by medical bills.

3 Responses to "Amazing America 1 – Rape, the American Way"

  1. What_if   June 7, 2009 at 3:50 am

    This post fits to be under the Amazing America category. You say 75 Million Americans are either uninsured or underinsured, Man… that’s one quarter of the population! To think that the world’s only super power is unable to provide affordable healthcare to all its citizens -Its Unbelievable!. Hope Obama wins the battle and your brethren have affordable Med Treatments.

    Most people in India, do not have such luxuries like Medical Insurance. Some Corporate houses in Metros provide Med Ins for their employees, persons in upper strata take their own Med Ins or can afford the cost of treatments, Govt employees have ESI with their lousy hospitals, the rest of the population, well, somehow manage with free dispensaries/ Govt Hospitals, charitable institutions and over the counter purchase of medicines, which are of course cheaper ( one tenth) as indicated by you.

    Many years ago, when I got the “Madras Eye” I remember purchasing a eye ointment vial for 15 paise and it got cured with a single vial (USD0.003) compare that to “American Eye” USD.850/- (even though its for eye pressure and not the same) Looks like Madras is better to America as far as eye is concerned. Responds:

    1. Added it under Amazing America now.

    2. The great irony is that U.S. spends more per capita on health care than any other developed country and yet has 75 million uninsured/underinsured.

    We doubt Obama can stand up against the pigs (doctors, hospitals, pharma cos, and insurance firms) and bring any kind of change. It’d be a miracle if Obama can shepherd a sensible bill through Congress and ultimately sign it.

    3. Going by what we read, it seems in India too healthcare is increasingly becoming unaffordable for the middle class (of course, it has always been unaffordable for the urban and rural poor).

  2. shuaib68   June 7, 2009 at 11:49 am

    Then what about these TV series programmes “Doctors” and likes?

    Have they linked up with the crooked media of the west to promote those “Vampire Doctors” for their mutual benefit joined in an unholy alliance? What are they trying to portray or trying to prmote if the condition is bad in the US? I really don’t understand. Responds:

    We’ve never watched Doctors or ER or any of the other rubbish on TV.

    So, we really can’t comment on what they are projecting.

    But the reality of America is that the country stands on the precipice of collapse in so many respects – healthcare, economy, corporate fraud, crumbling infrastructure et al.

  3. Aswin_Kini   June 8, 2009 at 12:19 am

    It’s a pity! The world’s greatest super power nation cannot afford to provide medical insurance to 75% of its population! UNBELIEVABLE. If America does worse, India is worser, here most of the doctors charge a bomb! The poor are ill-treated even in Government Hospitals. And what more can we expect when the bastardly politicians see MEDICAL PROFESSION only as a MONEY_MAKING GOLDEN GOOSE :3 Responds:

    1. Not 75% but 75 million uninsured/underinsured.

    2. TOI and ET has been going on and on about some medical seat selling scandal in India. Apparently, the rate is Rs 2 crore for a PG medical seat.

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